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The Forest School Singapore Team consists of Managers and Coaches. We work closely together to enable the continuity, equilibrium and balance of the forest school presence in Singapore. The team undergoes changes throughout the year, as FSS evolves. Our Team members grow, develops and evolves along with the evolution of Forest School in Singapore. 

20190302_165342-e1551766132302 20190110_155058-e1556541689315_Fotor Germaine Shirleen

Manager Darren

Principle, Business, Strategy, Safety |
Joined 2015

12 years in the field of Education

Spent 2 years as the Head of Physical Development in an Education Group

(Q) Loves annoying people

Words from me: “Let the pictures and experiences speak for itself. No paper or qualification can substitute for experience with children.” Find out more…

Manager Germaine

Deputy Principal, Administration | Joined 2016

7 years in the field of Customer Service

Experience in playing with kids and making them feel comfortable

(Q) Scared of furry animals

Words from me:  I love playing with kids and seeing their ‘a-ha’ moments. I also love seeing them learn and grow, and most of the times, I get to learn a lot more in turn too. In Forest School, there is so much for them to learn and pick up. Seeing their struggle and determination in learning and trying makes me happy because they are learning something that can bring them far in life 🙂 Knowing that makes me happy.

Manager Shirleen

Accounting, Registration | Joined 2017

5 years in the field of Event Coordination Services

Enjoys supporting behind the scene

(Q) Dislike attention

Words from me: in progress…


Manager Becky

Manpower | Joined 2016

6 years in the field of Education

Experience in Working with Children

(Q) Love being a couch potato

Words from me: To learn and work with the kids


Manager Donovan

Operation | Joined 2018

6 years in the field of Education

Experience in Working with Children

(Q) Love being a couch potato

Words from me: To learn and work with the kids


Manager-Coach Chelsea

Manpower | Joined 2017

3 years in the field of Early Childhood Education

Experience in Early Childhood Education & Special Needs Education

(Q) Enjoy taking long bus rides 🙂

Words from me: “I enjoy being in the nature & being in the company of young children. Children’s innocence, courage and willingness in whatever they do, inspires me to be true to myself!”


Coach-Manager David

Marketing, Projects | Joined 2018

5 years in the field of Outdoor Education

Experience in outdoor learning

(Q) Left-handed but writes with right hand

Words from me: I want to develop more understanding about children and help Coach Darren LLP

Zi Yun

Coach Zi Yun

Joined 2016

11 years in the Military

Great Listener & Data Analyst

(Q) Doesn’t believe in positivity motivation

Words from me: I believe that forest school can bring a more balanced and holistic well-being to our future generations.


Coach Gin

Joined 2017

9 years in the field of Childbirth

Experience in connecting with heart

(Q) Evil mum of 2 (hehe)

Words from me: The one freed up into this space, knowing and belief in the precious Freedom, Space and True Self for kids, living being, earth and universe. Our connections is whole and as One.


Coach Ronghao

Joined 2017

14 years in the field of Sports

Experience in basketball

(Q) I burp out loud

Words from me: To learn from the kids and let them learn from me as well


Coach Ben

Joined 2018

6 years in the field of Military

Experience in Jungle Survival

(Q) I love gummies

Words from me: Education to me, is about distinctions. The different colors of innumerable leafs, the gradients of the land, the smell of different types of weather and the never ending wonder of nature. These are the exposures that fascinates and captivates the young minds of an generation that will eventually take over the nation from our hands. I just want to be a part of an effort that educates and empowers, every child could be that beacon of light the future needs.


Coach Benjamin

Joined 2019

7 years in the field of Art and Child Creativity

Experienced in the field of Playing

(Q) I’m a Serious person mostly. I try not to laugh mostly, it creates wrinkles.

Words from me: So far this vessel I’m in is doing ok, shall use it more fulfillingly. New experiences is what I’m constantly finding. Forest School inspired me so much, I think I’m going to help spread the forestry. Sometimes, I wish we all live in forests. Then perhaps, there won’t be wars, but I forgot there are still humans Lol… see, I’m a serious person.


Coach Nas

Joined 2019

12 years in the field of Early Childhood Education

Experienced in the Teaching, Safeguarding,
Caring for children & animal, Outdoor Education

(Q) Sometimes I accidentally get mixed up in the languages I speak as I can speak 5 languages with additional local sign language.

Words from me: Avid nature lover. Captain Planet, Steve Irwin and Sir David Attenborough are my absolute heroes. Passion in inspiring young minds to become the future protectors of the planet. I strongly believe in Nature as Nurturer.


Coach Irene

Joined 2019

9 years in the field of Special Education

Experienced in working with individuals with autism.

(Q) I’m really a super blur queen.

Words from me: In process…


Coach Liz

Joined 2019

2 years in the field of Education

Experienced in Plants and ID-ing

(Q) Plays the Chinese flute

Words from me: Most of us only possess an intellectual understanding of Nature – her residents, functions of her parts, and survival mechanisms. While that is important, I think what’s very much lacking today is an experiential understanding. Only through experiencing, being with Nature can one develop that intimate connection and see how we are a part of, and not separate from her. I think forest school is one of the ways we can develop this.


Coach Isabell

Joined 2019

7 years in the field of Engineering

Experienced in bush crafts

(Q) Stays away from anything slimy and moves

Words from me: The forest changed me and I hope it will for many other people too.


Coach Carolina

Joined 2018

9 years in the field of Early Childhood

Experience in yoga and children

(Q) I can tolerate most adults

Words from me: Humans belong to nature and not the other way around. As such, I believe adults have the responsibility to facilitate children around them with the tools to help them learn to apreciate it and respect it.


Coach Phoebe

Joined 2018 | Forest School Leader Level 3

13 years in the field of Education

Experience in changing children’s perspective in Mathematics, helping them to rediscover the joy of learning

(Q) I drink my bubble tea without bubbles.

Words from me: Forest School is not a program but a way of life and mindset to be embraced. Being personally transformed during my own FS journey, I am very excited to be a part of this journey with all the children in FS.


Coach Phoebe

Joined 2019


Coach Phoebe


Coach Phoebe

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