Happiness and Sadness is put together as a bond to create everyone of us, in all good faith. We trust in our universe and what they provide for us.


Authenticity, Vulnerability, Sincerity


To be the Village that help raise a child


Our high standards of delivery comes from the heart and involvement of all our stakeholder



In Forest School there is minimal structural curriculum as the classes are mainly child led. We provide the environment and materials, but leave the selection of activities, space and group to the learners individual prerogative. We encourage and believe in keeping the program open minded.
The Forest School Education models picked up from various countries around the World, will be integrated with the Singapore physical and educational landscape to enable children to have fun and explore, but at the same time not forgetting the environmental and social needs.
In this journey, learners will have the opportunity to build life and relationship connection with the world at their own pace and freedom, through nature, which then leads them to further focusand understand the academic theories and knowledge which are the key elements in mainstream education. From the exploration, decision making and thought processes, learners will develop adequate level of confidence and self-competency that will carry with them through their life.



Like a preschool, our hours are 9am-12pm every day from Monday to Saturday. Unlike most schools though, this is a child-led programme, whereby we bring the children into the forest and they choose to go anywhere they wish to and do anything they want to, with safety boundaries. The children range from 3 to 12 years of age. Many homeschoolers and also parents of very young children join as well. There is flexibility in the number of days in a week that your child may wish to join. We value commitment and regular attendance so that your child gets the most benefits from our programme. Forest School is an all-inclusive school and community, as we believe that it takes a village to raise a child.

Most of the parents who join Forest School are looking for nature therapy for their children, through the holistic development of physical and social emotional. For education on flora and fauna, it is shared in a child-led and natural way. We have a free-style curriculum customised to the all-rounded progression of the children. Going by our observation, by the end of 3 years with us, children would be very familiar with moving about in a forest, knowing more about the local flora and fauna, developing craft skills, building character and resilience, having greater self confidence and social-emotional skills, and developing a much stronger physique.