We trust in our universe and what they provide for us.


Authenticity, Vulnerability, Sincerity.


To be the Village that help to raise the child.


For forest school to be embedded in all our heart.


In Forest School, the sessions are almost fully child-led. We provide the environment and materials, but leave the selection of activities, space and group to learners’ individual prerogative. We encourage and believe in keeping the program open minded.
The Forest School Education model is picked up from various countries around the World, and is integrated with Singapore’s physical and educational landscape to enable children to have fun and explore, while being mindful of environmental and social needs.
In this journey, learners will have the opportunity to build life and a relational connection with the world through nature, at their own pace and freedom. This then leads them to further focus and understand the academic theories and knowledge which are the key elements in mainstream education. From the exploration, decision making and thought processes, learners will develop healthy levels of confidence and self-competency that they carry throughout their life.


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