We trust in our universe and what they provide for us.

Authenticity, Vulnerability, Sincerity.

To be the Village that help to raise the child.

For forest school to be embedded in all our heart.


At Forest School Singapore, we fervently believe in the importance of community spirit. We resonate strongly with Singapore’s history of kampungs and tropical living.  Forest School Singapore’s mission is to be the Village that helps to raise the child. Our Forest School is integrated with Singapore’s physical and educational landscape to enable children to have fun and explore, while being mindful of environmental and social needs.

In our village, we believe that children come with their own knowledge and we can mutually learn from one another. In that sense, we refrain very much from telling them what they should do. Instead, we believe in enabling them to explore with their senses and arrive at their own decisions, under our facilitation.

In this journey, learners will have the opportunity to build life and a relational connection with the world through nature, at their own pace and freedom. This then leads them to further focus and understand the academic theories and knowledge which are the key elements in mainstream education. From the exploration, decision making and thought processes, learners will develop healthy levels of confidence and self-competency that they carry throughout their life.    

Coaches play an instrumental role in understanding the children, working with them and the community to overcome any personal challenges as well as identify their strengths. We continuously assess whether a child is in the basic, intermediate, advanced, or graduate stage. Facilitation and coaching are our main styles of delivery.

We intentionally raise independent and socially conscious thinkers who will become the next generation of leaders. All aspects of growth and development are covered in Forest School’s holistic and forward-thinking program – Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional and Spiritual.

Forest School Singapore Thornbill Thursday, Class photo (2017)

“The true purpose of forest school, is to help bring people to a space between the earth and the stars…”

Atsuko Yamamoto
(A Forest Kindergarten advocate and leader in Japan. Mentor to Forest School Singapore)