Recruitment: Being a Coach

The forest school coach journey require hours of training, orientation, apprenticeship, honing our believes and skill at the craft. It is not for the faint hearted. There is a huge commitment to the community and nature that we are part of. A forest school coach plays various roles; you have to be a teacher, social worker, nurse, counsellor, gardener, environmentalist, activist, technician, survivalist, scientist and much more. There is a process of realisation, awareness and changing of our mind, our speech, our communications, our actions. The journey will lead you to a balance flow in your life.


Your Possible Journey……. Click Here to view

If you wish to join us outside of our recruiment and FS training workshop slots, email us at, with your name, motivation and story. We will engage with you and direct you to the flow from there.

FS TRAINING WORKSHOPS: Teacher Daisy / Teacher Eddy / Special Trainings
We run monthly and seasonal training workshop to the public. These workshops come with a fee, but without mandatory commitment to our Team after the training. However, we do welcome workshop trainees to join us if/when we feel they are suitable. =)

We have a Camp Coach Recruitment Training window every year in March and September, where personnel will be given an accelerated learning and training experience, to prepare for deployment in our Summer (June) and Winter (December) Holiday Camp season.
(Next Recruitment will be in September 2020)

We also have a Volunteer Coach Recruitment Training window every year in April and October, where we will be welcoming new recruits in their journey with us. This will be the less intense, more mindful and slower process of a coach journey with us.
(Recruitment will be launch at a later stage after the COVID-19 situation has cool off)

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