Joining the Team: Being Forest Schooled

A mountain to climb…

The forest school leader journey require hours of training, orientation, apprenticeship, honing our believes and skill at the craft. It is not for the faint hearted. There is a huge commitment to the community and nature that we are part of. To be a forest school leader, you have to be a teacher, social worker, nurse, counsellor, gardener, environmentalist, activist, technician, survivalist, scientist and much more.

As a new recruits who wish to join the FSS team, you will have to undergo a few hurdles and fulfil a few requirements in order to be part of the Team.

We will suggest that you join us at a volunteer level first before you consider progressing to the commitment of a Forest School Coach/Manager/Leader.

When you wish to register to join the team, You can fill in the form link here 🙂

We have a Recruitment Training window, where personnel will be given an accelerated learning and training experience, to prepare for deployment in our Summer and Winter Holiday Camp season.
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Here are a glimpse of the flow and journey of a forest school leader in Forest School Singapore. 

The Temple and Mountain Analogy of the Forest School Leader Journey. Not everyone will summit to the temple and be fully imparted with the forest school connection and “Magic”. Some will leave the mountain half way through. Some will leave after the reach the first hut. Some will leave after only learning 30 percent of the “Magic”. But the spirit of the journey will continue with you for the rest of your life. Thats forest school.

Here are a list of the structural flow of the recruitment to self-employment process. This is malleable and maybe subjected to changes and flow based on the personality and ability of the Coach him/herself.