For Team: Categories of Coaches

VOLUNTEER Team Coaches (The Learning Team)

Volunteer coach would usually be a trainee coach or a volunteer who wishes to provide voluntary support to the community. He or she may be untrained with the forest school ways initially. The goal for all our volunteers is for them to have an introductorial experience with Forest School Singapore. Any individual who went through any basic Forest School Singapore Training (FSST) are welcome to join the volunteer squad. We will promote volunteer coaches into the core team, based on the coach/es involvement, readiness, contribution and availability.

CORE Coaches (The Main & Active Team)

Core coaches trained with us in a range of training programs on top of having basic experience in working with children through attachment and deployments to Forest School session. They are comfortable with children and nature, and show a connection with the magic of the forest. The goal for Core Team coaches, are for them to develop and grow during their tenure with us. A Core team coach will be ranked according to their experience, leadership, connection and overall involvement in Forest School Singapore. Core coaches would usually end their Core Team journey by Transiting to the Alumni Team.

ALUMNI Team Coaches (The Experienced Team)

Alumni coaches are usually coaches who have shown great competency and ability in the forest school journey, but have difficulty in committing to the intensity of the core team. Alumni Coaches can stay in the Alumni squad forever, until they feel that they do not wish to be part of the coaching community anymore. It is a beautiful separation with connection. 

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