For Team: Coach Ranks

Coach’s Ranking Levels

The justifications, signals and journeys of each rank, are a guideline to the growth of each coach in Forest School Singapore. There is a universe of different elements altogether on top of the guidelines. 

1. Junior Coach ($10/hour)

All NEW core team coaches or camp coaches start at the Junior rank. Unless they have previous Forest School experience overseas or Practitioner Certificate/Apprenticeship overseas. Junior Coach’s journey requires a lot of learning, reflection, making mistakes and taking initiative to practice more by getting themselves involved in various Forest School Singapore programs. 

2. Senior Coach ($20/hour)

Coaches who show commitment, competency and an ability to be the leader of the session, will be able to move to Senior Rank. Senior Coach’s journey requires one to learn the art of communicating with parents and the extended communities of forest school. Through this journey, coaches would gain an unwavering confidence and understanding of the larger picture of forest school beyond the session. Coaches connection with children and parents is strong. 

3. Master Coach ($30/hour)

Coaches who show a high level of competency (E.g. Leading beyond the 1:7 ratio), and can generate the trust of parents and coaches will move to the Master Rank. Master Coaches are capable of guiding new coaches to the Forest School ways. Master Coach’s journey requires one to groom the community around them as they practice the forest school session in FSS and in their lives. Their environment awareness would start to build and form. 

(Within Core Team)

Promotion from rank to rank, can happen when coaches exhibit the signal of the next rank and show the commitment to the journey. Promotion can only happen within the core team, as that is the only avenue we can feel and observe the growth of our coaches with clarity. Alumni coaches rank stops at the point that they leave FSS. Transfer of Coaches out of the Core team, can happen when coaches show lower commitment to the FSS program or is ready to move on.

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