Contingency (Phase 3 Heightened Alert): 11-Jun

Hi Everyone,

We believe that you would have all been informed and educated about the “PHASE 3 HEIGHTENED ALERT” that will commence on 14th June 2020, by the Singapore government to enable us to gradually get back to the new normal. This is great news for all of us who have been doing our best to comply with all the health and safety rules implemented across the country. We will be moving forward with Forest School Singapore based on the following framework, timeline and preparation.



Date/s Item 
12 June Administrative & coordination for continuation
13 June Buffer for additional touch-ups
14 – 20 June Continuation of Holiday Camps and Workshops.
Camp Gelam (16-18 Jun)
One-Day Camp (19-Jun)
Family Walk (20-Jun)

Camp Petaling (14-16 Jun) will be cancelled and refunded.
16 June Weekly session’s Registration and Admin will commence
19 June Review and adjust the Framework as required
21 June Continue Holiday Camps & Workshops (with adjustment)
Camp Tembusu (21-23 Jun)
Camp Merati (23-25 Jun)
One-Day Camp (26-Jun)
23 June Workshop’s Registration for Term 3 Opens
2 – 4 July Start of Term 3 Weekly Forest School Sessions
5 JulyStart of Term 3 Workshops & Trainings
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