Is the Forest School Weekly Session a drop off?

Yes it is a drop off, from day one.

FOREST SCHOOL SESSIONS are long term program, that focuses and values relationships, growth, development, bond, commitment and involvement of our families (Parents and children).

Dropping off at Forest School in Singapore

I am concerned that my child may not be ready for drop off. Are there parent accompanied courses?

Yes. It will be held at our ad-hoc programs under “Forest School Workshops”, that will be suitable for a family size program. If you are interested to be on our mailing list for “Forest School Workshops” (i.e. You’ll receive an email notification when information on Forest School Workshop.

Forest School Workshops

Alternatively, you can consier the programs offered by our sister communities

Sister Community

My child is 3 years old. Can he sign up for the forest school program?

As long as child is independent enough to carry his own backpack and walk without any assistance, the child can sign up for our forest school program.

What is the ratio of coaches to children in your school?

The minimum ratio is 1 coach to 7 children.

What is the minimum and maximum class size?

The minimum number of children we require to start a class is 4 and the number of children in a class is capped at 15 for regular programs. Camps are capped at 20.

What should I pack for the school bag?

Please refer to the link below for the items every child need to carry in their school bag.


What food should I pack for my child’s snack?

Best foods are non-sticky and easy for the child to eat by hand. Examples are biscuits, banana, muesli bars, sandwiches, finger foods.

Is there any recommended attire/footwear?

Yes. Please refer to the link below for the recommended attire/footwear for comfort of the child. These items can be easily purchased from Decathalon.


What if the weather is bad? Do I still send my child to school?

In the event of wet weather, we will inform the parents via the parents whatsapp chat group 45 mins before the session if there is any cancellation. If you do not receive any such cancellation, it means the program is to proceed. Of course you have the choice of not sending your child to the class. Our children do have a lot of fun on rainy days, and actually get used to the different kinds of weather faster than parents may expect. In the event of thunderstorm/lightning, we will carry on with the program under shelter.

In the event of Haze we will be following the contingency below:

Contingency (Haze)

What if my child is sick and he missed school? Are make up sessions allowed?

There will be no make up sessions.  Children are strongly encouraged to maintain regular attendance to ensure they benefit the most from the program. Keeping a stable and predictable routine is good for the child’s well-being.

Terms & Conditions (Weekly)

Can I withdraw/graduate my child from the program anytime?

No. Graduation application has to be made 4 weeks prior to the graduation date. Graduates last day are always on the last session for the month so as to give everyone a sense of accountability.

Terms & Conditions (Weekly)

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