Forest School Projects

Forest School Projects (FSP) are any programs from external engagement, for example collaboration programs with schools, organisations and/ or individuals. 

Some examples of a FSP include:

  • One-day camps
  • Weekly sessions 
  • Training programs for adults who wish to learn more about FS ways 

To explore the possibility of organizing a FSP with us, do reach out and email us at with the following details and information to facilitate communication and planning:

  • Contact of Point of Contact:
  • Preferred date:
  • Alternative date #1:
  • Alternative date #2:
  • Number of participants:

Terms & Conditions THAT APPLY TO ALL FSPs:

  • CONFIRMATION: A 50% deposit is required at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the program. We will only confirm the project when the deposit is received. This is for us to be able to coordinate manpower allocation and ensure safety.
  • PAYMENT OF OUTSTANDING BALANCE: Payment of the outstanding balance (50%) needs to be paid within 30 days after the completion of the project.
  • CANCELLATIONS: There will strictly be no cancellation of the project once deposit is paid.
  • WITHDRAWALS: There will be no refund for any withdrawals. This applies to absenteeism. 

Here are some of our collaborations:

One-day Camp with ‘Alsagoff Arab School
(May 2022)

One-day Camp with ‘Telok Blangah CC
(March 2022) 

A 15-weeks program with ‘Hampton Preschool
(April – October 2017) 

Training programs for ‘P & J Montessori Kindergarten
(November 2021)

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