Forest School Singapore Team

Here are a list of the Personnel in the Core FSS Team. 
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Manager-Coach Darren

Principal, Operation, Business, Marketing, Training . Joined 2015

  • 12 years in the field of Education
  • Spent 2 years as the Head of Physical Development in an Education Group
  • (Q) Loves annoying people

Words from me: “Let the pictures and experiences speak for itself. No paper or qualification can substitute for experience with children.” Find out more…


Manager-Coach Germaine

Deputy Principal, Administration. Joined 2016

  • 7 years in the field of Customer Service
  • Experience in playing with kids and making them feel comfortable
  • (Q) Scared of furry animals

Words from me:  I love playing with kids and seeing their ‘a-ha’ moments. I also love seeing them learn and grow, and most of the times, I get to learn a lot more in turn too. In Forest School, there is so much for them to learn and pick up. Seeing their struggle and determination in learning and trying makes me happy because they are learning something that can bring them far in life 🙂 Knowing that makes me happy.


Manager Shirleen

Accounting & Registrations . Joined 2017

  • 4 years in the field of Event Coordination Services
  • Enjoys supporting behind the scene
  • (Q) Dislike attention

Words from me: In progress……

Manager-Coach Rebecca

Manpower . Joined 2016

  • 6 years in the field of Education
  • Head Coach of Singapore Management University Girls Touch Rugby Squad
  • (Q) Love being a couch potato

Words from me: In Progress……


Manager-Coach Shimin

Communication & Newsletter . Joined 2017

  • 11 years in the field of Education
  • Experience in Teaching, yoga, mindfulness
  • (Q) Loves G-Dragon

Words from me: I love teaching kids as they possess such open, vibrant energy full of potential. I believe that the Forest School way is one of the best ways for adults to learn to guide our children, and yet let them show us what and how they explore, and how they are capable of so much more.


Coach Zi Yun

Joined 2016

  • 10 years in the Military
  • Great Listener
  • (Q) Doesn’t believe in positivity motivation 

Words from me: In Progress……


Coach Mindy

Joined 2017

  • 11 years in Home Management
  • Ex[perience in building social emotional literacy
  • (Q) Anything Peppermint, I mean anything

Words from me: I’m born to work with children, loves nature and the Forest School way of being.


Coach Gin

Joined 2017

  • 9 years in the field of Childbirth
  • Experience in connecting with heart
  • (Q) Evil mum of 2 (hehe)

Words from me: The one freed up into this space, knowing and belief in the precious Freedom, Space and True Self for kids, living being, earth and universe. Our connections is whole and as One


Coach Adeline

Joined 2017

  • 7 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experience Teaching and Learning with Children
  • (Q) Random and Quirky “Ah Lian” (Ah Lian is an insert by editor) 

Words from me: I believe that all children should have the opportunity to interact with the nature enviroment.


Coach Chelsea

Joined 2017

  • 2 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experience teaching in a pre school & managing children with special needs
  • (Q) Have a super sweet tooth

Words from me: I love being in the nature and around children! So forest school gives me the opportunity to be with 2 of things that I enjoy most! It always brings me joy to see the kids immersing themselves in nature away from hectic city life!


Coach Ronghao

Joined 2017

  • 13 years in the field of Sports
  • Experience in basketball
  • (Q) I burp out loud

Words from me: Forest school is a great learning place for both adults and children. I have learnt a lot of my younger peers.


Coach Jumilia

Joined 2017

  • 11 years in the field of Education
  • Experience in Babysitting kids of all ages
  • (Q) Avid Rock Climber and Foodie =p

Words from me: I’m hoping to get others to be comfortable in natural environments and feel motivated to thread earth gently.


Coach David

Joined 2018

  • 4 years in the field of Outdoor Education
  • Experience in outdoor learning
  • (Q) Left-handed but writes with right hand

Words from me: I want to develop more understanding about children and help Coach Darren LLP


Coach Ben

Joined 2018

  • 6 years in the field of Military & Coaching
  • Experience in Every thing army, sports sciences, accelerated learning
  • (Q) I love gummies

Words from me: I subscribe to fs ideals and want to see it be successful


Coach Donovan

Joined 2018

  • 4 years in the field of Environmental and Ecological studies
  • Experience in nature guiding
  • (Q) I hate air-con

Words from me: I would like to share my dream where humans and nature can coexist in harmony. Forest School has been an amazing journey — where everyone is learning and growing, both kids and coaches, myself included. I used to accept my lack of self-confidence as an inherent personality, but even that is changing.


Coach Yongsheng

Joined 2018

  • 8 years in the field of the Military
  • Experience kids with special needs (volunteering)
  • (Q) Plays all type of Sports

Words from me: I feel that is really important to build up our kids strong in order to impact the next generation. I’m ply my trade now, getting involve in local and overseas projects working with underprivelleged children and also orphanages in the region.


Coach Siang Yu

Joined 2018

  • 6 years in the field of Natural Farming and Lifelong Experience in Playing
  • Experienced in the field of Linguistic and Interpretation (By Training)
  • (Q) Enjoys taking LONG WALKS in nature

Words from me: By reconnecting with nature, we regain the spontaneous disposition of ourselves.