Forest School Singapore Team

The Forest School Singapore Team, consists of the Managers and the Coaches. We work closely together to enable the continuity, equilibrium and balance of the forest school presence in Singapore. The team undergoes changes throughout the year, as we evolve. Our Team members grow, develops and evolves along with the evolution of Forest School in Singapore. 

Find out more on the elements of our recruitment, training and team structures.

  1. A Brief Guideline of the Journey of Coaches:
  2. Growth and Learning continuity for Coaches:
  3. The Categories of Coaches:
  4. Coach & Manager Ranking and Tier Guidelines:

Here are the People who makes up Forest School Singapore..

Managers & Core Coaches


Manager Germaine


  • 8 years in the field of Customer Service
  • Experience in playing with kids and making them feel comfortable
  • (Q) Scared of furry animals

Words from me:  I love playing with kids and seeing their ‘a-ha’ moments. I also love seeing them learn and grow, and most of the times, I get to learn a lot more in turn too. In Forest School, there is so much for them to learn and pick up. Seeing their struggle and determination in learning and trying makes me happy because they are learning something that can bring them far in life 🙂 Knowing that makes me happy.


Manager Shirleen

Accounting & Registrations

  • 6 years in the field of Event Coordination Services
  • Enjoys supporting behind the scene
  • (Q) Dislike attention

Words from me: In progress……


Manager Becky

Manpower (Recruitment)

  • 7 years in the field of Education
  • Experience in Working with Children
  • (Q) Love being a couch potato

Words from me: To learn and work with the kids


Manager Donovan

Operation | FSS Training 

  • 5 years in the field of Environmental Science
  • Experience in nature guiding
  • (Q) I hate air-con

Words from me: “Forest school is a great way to built friendships – between children and families, with coaches, the community and with nature. I love making friends :’) I’m just a little shy. Ultimately, I hope that the conservation philosophy transcends these kids through their authentic relationships with the natural environment.”


Coach Ben

Training | FSS Training 

  • 6 years in the field of Military
  • Experience in Jungle Survival
  • (Q) I love gummies

Words from me: “Education to me, is about distinctions. The different colors of innumerable leafs, the gradients of the land, the smell of different types of weather and the never ending wonder of nature. These are the exposures that fascinates and captivates the young minds of an generation that will eventually take over the nation from our hands. I just want to be a part of an effort that educates and empowers, every child could be that beacon of light the future needs.”


Coach Darren

Business | FSS Training

  • 13 years in the field of Education
  • Spent 2 years as the Head of Physical Development in an Education Group
  • (Q) Loves annoying people

Words from me: “Let the pictures and experiences speak for itself. No paper or qualification can substitute for experience with children.” Find out more…


Coach Chelsea

Manpower(Deployment) | Sunbear Saturday

  • 4 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experience in Early Childhood Education & Special Needs Education
  • (Q) Enjoy taking long bus rides😄

Words from me: “I enjoy being in the nature & being in the company of young children. Children’s innocence, courage and willingness in whatever they do, inspires me to be true to myself!”


Coach ET

Projects | Antelope Friday | Squirrel Sunday

  • Accumulating years in the field of Embracing Vulnerability
  • Experience in basic homemaking
  • (Q) I struggle to open plastic bags.

Words from me: “Listen actively.”


Coach Hui Ying (Hungry)

 Homenest Friday

  • 12 years in the field of Hospitality
  • Experienced in Volunteer Management
  • (Q) Loves eating Indian food with hands and the smell that stays afterward!

Words from me: “Finding meaning is a conscious effort, and no effort is ever wasted. I am glad to be part of this Forest School ecosystem, to unlearn and relearn and dive deeper into the concept of holding space :)”

Coach See Yee

Homenest Friday

  • 5 year in the field of Design
  • Experienced in Cookouts & picnics
  • (Q) Will head out for good light

Words from me: “At your own pace”

Coach Adeline (Chang)

Homenest Friday

  • 3 year in the field of Edible Gardening (1.5 in Therapeutic Horticulture)
  • Experienced in Exploring new places with no fear and noisy piano playing
  • (Q) I can make a really ducky duck face. It is really ducky.

Words from me: “Why does nature speak to us? Sometimes it seems that life is all about dualities – until it isn’t. Deep inside nature we are gifted with the light and dark, the comforting and frightening, the hills and valleys of the undulating land of the soil and our minds. The necessity of everything breathes within each space: every leaf, every shaft of light, every bird call. Distinctions dissolve. Our desires for control hit a blessed wall, and we blossom like a flower…

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-24 at 1.47.51 AM

Coach Lenora

Homenest Friday | Bulbul Saturday

  • 8 year in the field of Marketing, Graphic Design, Thearte, Coaching
  • Experienced in Thinking and Rethinking and Giving everything a benefit of doubt
  • (Q) Thinking about or seeing plastic waste makes me cringe and sometimes throws me into fits of despair.

Words from me: “I am a better person now.  You’ve taught me how to be sincere and real, how to not be afraid to be myself, and finally to forgive myself and let go.  Thank you Girl.  This is a tribute to you, working hard, yet to understand the world, to understand your feelings and reactions, like Mommy is still trying to do.  Hoping FS is gonna make this journey a little less bumpy, with more pauses to sit with trees and ourselves.  Thank you, Darren.  And Thank All.”

Coach Dean

Antelope Friday

  • 15 years in the field of Nutrition (20 years in Police Force)
  • Experience in animal behaviour and creating health nourishing food
  • (Q) I’m always hungry 😋

Words from me: Trust that nature has your back. Everyone is here for a purpose. We just need to slow down and observe, give them space. No one is useless. Not even a sloth. And health is the ultimate expression of love 🥰


Coach Liz

Albatross Friday

  • 3 years in the field of Education
  • Experienced in Plants and ID-ing
  • (Q) Plays the Chinese flute

Words from me: Most of us only possess an intellectual understanding of Nature – her residents, functions of her parts, and survival mechanisms. While that is important, I think what’s very much lacking today is an experiential understanding. Only through experiencing, being with Nature can one develop that intimate connection and see how we are a part of, and not separate from her. I think forest school is one of the ways we can develop this.


Coach Kaira

Albatross Friday

  • 2 year in the field of Urban Farming Education
  • Experienced in Yoga, growing plants
  • (Q) Was a cat in a previous lifetime

Words from me: “The forest is a living playground where Nature graciously imparts its precious knowledge to all, only if one is willing to enter its sacred grounds with a listening ear, open heart and curious mind. It is a space where one learns the forgotten language of the trees, and discovers the entire world in a raindrop.”


Coach Emily

Sunbear Saturday

  • 4 years in the field of Education
  • Experience in Creative Thinking, Art and Fun with Children
  • (Q) I love all things Green

Words from me: “I love being with children because they constantly remind me to express myself freely, to put my emotions into simple words, to bravely announce the things i want or dont want, to pay full attention to what i do and not be bothered by the stares by the side, to be so unaware that I can truly be mysef again. There are so many things we can learn from them.”


Coach Nicholas

Sunbear Saturday

  • 5 years in the field of Mechanical Engineering
  •  Experience in Mountain trekking
    (Q) If its not “dala (aka very spicy)” means it is not spicy enough for me.

Words from me: “Put your mind to it and you can achieve the impossible. This makes every outcome possible.”

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-07 at 17.02.44

Coach Huanting

Sparrow Saturday

  • 8 years in the field of Education
  • Experienced in Youth Leadership Training & Facilitation
  • (Q) I like growing my own food

Words from me: “I want to help young people flourish”


Coach Zi Yun

Sparrow Saturday

  • 12 years in the Military
  • Great Listener & Data Analyst
  • (Q) Doesn’t believe in positivity motivation 

Words from me: “I believe that forest school can bring a more balanced and holistic well-being to our future generations.”


Coach Huda

Sparrow Saturday

  • 15 years in the field of Education
  • Experienced in D-I-Y and Nature projects
  • (Q) Right-hander who wears her watch on her right wrist

Words from me: “No action is too small to make a difference.”

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-24 at 7.42.00 PM

Coach Gretchen

Bobcat Saturday

  • 11 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experienced in Teaching and Playing with children.
  • (Q) I’m not clumsy. It’s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies and everyone gets in the way.😅

Words from me: “Let go and be free!”

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-23 at 7.26.09 PM

Coach Genevieve

Bobcat Saturday | Squirrel Sunday

  • Spend years in the field of Care work & Inner work
    My sharing: I’m looking forward to applying these skillsets beyond the family unit. Happy to be a part of the Forest School community and pitch in for the environment and holistic development of people
  • Experienced in meeting people where they are
  • (Q) I sometimes feel like a TARDIS – bigger on the inside.

Words from me: “In no particular order: Go with the flow. Enjoy the surf. Give from your overflow.”


Coach Jumilia

Bulbul Saturday

  • 10 years in the field of Education (Secondary English & Geography)
  • Experienced in Environmental Education
  • (Q) Avid Rock Climber and Foodie =p

Words from me: LOADING……

Coach Tesh

Bulbul Saturday

  • 8 year in the field of Outdoor Education
  • Experienced in everything Mountaineering, Hiking and Rock Climbing related
  • (Q) Because of storage issue, i let go of my bicycle and I now use a unicycle to commute for grocery

Words from me: “Never let go of your dreams. Keep focusing on them and the universe will conspire to make them happen.”

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 11.01.03 PM

Coach Angela

FSS Training | Squirrel Sunday

  • 3 years in the field of Climate Research
  • Experienced in Writing, Facilitating, Collaborative Brainstorming
  • (Q) My cooking has dramatically improved since I learned to trust myself and improvise

Words from me:  “As we move away from today’s self-destructive society – plagued by ecological damage, wealth inequality, labor precarity, and more – the task before us is to build a society that is more just, kind, and sustainable. Another world is possible, if we work to make it happen. And I believe communities like Forest School Singapore are doing this work every day, by helping our young ones learn how to live in community with the humans and non-humans around them. I’m grateful and excited to be part of this community 😊”


Coach Ronghao

  • 15 years in the field of Sports
  • Experience in basketball
  • (Q) I burp out loud

Words from me: To learn from the kids and let them learn from me as well


Coach Isabell

Workshops | Camps

  • 8 years in the field of Engineering
  • Experienced in bush walking
  • (Q) Stays away from anything slimy and moves

Words from me: “The forest changed me and I hope it will for many other people too.”


Coach Carolina

Workshops | Camps

  • 9 years in the field of Early Childhood
  • Experience in yoga and children
  • (Q) I can tolerate most adults

Words from me: “Humans belong to nature and not the other way around. As such, I believe adults have the responsibility to facilitate children around them with the tools to help them learn to apreciate it and respect it”


Coach Kavitha

Workshops | Camps

  • 7 years in the field of Motherhood
  • … Downloading …
  • (Q) … Downloading …

Words from me: “Nature is the art of god”


Coach Judy

Workshops | Camps

  • 21 years in the field of Bees and Bees products
  • Experienced in everything related to honey and bees 🐝
  • (Q) Don’t stress me. Sleeping is a joy. 

Words from me: “Everything happens for a reason. “Acknowledge” the reason and learn from it !!”

Coach Chuan

  • 1 years in the field of “Environmental Science”
  • Experienced in being an intern 😆
  • (Q) One of my ears is sharp 

Words from me: “The difference between a weed and a plant is judgement”

Coach Jian Xi

  • 1 years in the field of “Environmental Science”
  • Experienced in hiking
  • (Q) I can’t eat spicy food

Words from me: “Live in the moment!”

Coach Natasha

  • 5 years in the field of Environmental Policy
  • Experienced in hiking and rock climbing
  • (Q) I love walking barefoot 

Words from me: “We come from and belong to nature. That’s why we should protect and be in touch with the natural world around us.

Coach Lionel

  • 7 years in the field of Oil & Gas Exploration & Prodcution
  • Experienced in hunting, fishing and hiking
  • (Q) I used to fly fish for the England national team

Words from me: “Everyone deserves the chance to immerse themselves in nature.

Alumni Coach (24)

An alumni coach is a coach who has shown great competency and ability in the forest school journey, but is unable to commit to the deployment rigour of the core team. He/she has undergone our trainings and also have invaluable Forest School experience during the time they were with us. 

Jen (Junior, 2021)
Helena (Junior, 2020-21)
Blossom (Senior, 2020-21)
Marcus (Junior, 2020)
Sabrina Tan
(Senior, 2020)
(Senior, 2019-20)
 (Junior, 2019-20)
(Senior, 2020)
Phoebe (Senior, 2018-20)
Shena (Junior, 2019-20)
Irene (Senior, 2019-20)
Nas (Senior, 2018-20)
Sebrina (Junior, 2020)
Ling (Junior, 2020)
Kelly (Senior, 2019-20)
Zoe (Junior, 2018-19)
Jenson (Senior, 2019)
Shimin (Master, 2017-19)
Jamie (Senior, 2019)
Hoonie (Senior, 2019)
Adeline (Master, 2017-18)
Mindy (Master, 2017-18)
Lea (Senior, 2018)
Toh Wee (Senior, 2017)
Darishna (Master, 2017)
Weixin (Senior, 2016)

Volunteer Coach (24)

A volunteer coach is either a trainee coach or a volunteer who wishes to provide voluntary support to the forest school community and movement. He/she has undergone the Teacher Eddy or Teacher Daisy training. 

Bethany (2020-Now)
Dale (2020-Now)
Kelly (2020-Now)
Tricia (2020-Now)
Jeremy (2020-Now)
Soumaya (2020-Now)
Zhensheng (2020-Now)
Ilya (2020-Now)
Charissa (2020-Now)
Jia En (2020-Now)
Normazlia (2020-Now)
Yan Zhong (2020-Now)
Rebecca (2020-Now)
Haleemah (2020)
Shirley (2019-Now)
Jia Min (2019-Now)
Madina (2019-Now)
Sharifah (2019-Now)
Keira (2019-Now)
Min Xia (2019-Now)
Sabrina Saleh (2019-Now)
Yongzhi (2018-Now)
Putri  (2018-Now)

Find out more on the elements of our recruitment, training and team structures.

  1. A Brief Guideline of the Journey of Coaches:
  2. Growth and Learning continuity for Coaches:
  3. The Categories of Coaches:
  4. Coach & Manager Ranking and Tier Guidelines:
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