Forest School Singapore Team

The Forest School Singapore Team, consists of the Managers and Coaches. We work closely together to enable the continuity, equilibrium and balance of the forest school presence in Singapore. The team undergoes changes throughout the year, as we evolve. Our Team members grow, develops and evolves along with the evolution of Forest School in Singapore. 

Here are the People who makes up Forest School Singapore..

Coach Darren (from 2015)

Community | Training

  • 15 years in the field of Education
  • Spent 2 years as the Head of Physical Development in an Education Group
  • (Q) Loves annoying people

Words from me: “Let the pictures and experiences speak for itself. No paper or qualification can substitute for experience with children.” Find out more…

A Short Chinese Documentary about Darren’s journey
Coach Shirleen (from 2017)

Accounting & Registrations

  • 6 years in the field of Event Coordination Services
  • Enjoys supporting behind the scene
  • (Q) Dislike attention

Words from me: In progress……

Coach Chelsea (from 2017)

Manpower (Deployment)

  • 4 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experience in Early Childhood Education & Special Needs Education
  • (Q) Enjoy taking long bus rides😄

Words from me: “I enjoy being in the nature & being in the company of young children. Children’s innocence, courage and willingness in whatever they do, inspires me to be true to myself!”

Coach Donovan (from 2018)

Operation | Environment

  • 5 years in the field of Environmental Science
  • Experience in nature guiding
  • (Q) I hate air-con

Words from me: “Forest school is a great way to built friendships – between children and families, with coaches, the community and with nature. I love making friends :’) I’m just a little shy. Ultimately, I hope that the conservation philosophy transcends these kids through their authentic relationships with the natural environment.”

Coach Ben (from 2018)

Training | Policy | Leadership

  • 6 years in the field of Military
  • Experience in Jungle Survival
  • (Q) I love gummies

Words from me: “Education to me, is about distinctions. The different colors of innumerable leafs, the gradients of the land, the smell of different types of weather and the never ending wonder of nature. These are the exposures that fascinates and captivates the young minds of an generation that will eventually take over the nation from our hands. I just want to be a part of an effort that educates and empowers, every child could be that beacon of light the future needs.”

Coach Zoe (from 2019)

Admin | Leadership

  • 12 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experience in Inquiry Based Learning
  • (Q) Scared of all animals

Words from me: “Loading… “

Coach Gerald (from 2021)

Operation | Children Perspective Advisory

  • 6 years in the field of Forest School (from participant to coach)
  • Experience in hiking and exploring places in Singapore
  • (Q) I like when it drizzles but hate when it rains

Words from me: I think that we live to have fun. There is no other reason that I know of. So, I believe that the kids playing and having fun is them fulfilling their purpose in life.”

Coach Lenora (from 2020)

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-24 at 1.47.51 AM

  • 8 year in the field of Marketing, Graphic Design, Theatre, Coaching
  • Experienced in Thinking and Rethinking and Giving everything a benefit of doubt
  • (Q) Thinking about or seeing plastic waste makes me cringe and sometimes throws me into fits of despair.

Words from me: “I am a better person now.  You’ve taught me how to be sincere and real, how to not be afraid to be myself, and finally to forgive myself and let go.  Thank you Girl.  This is a tribute to you, working hard, yet to understand the world, to understand your feelings and reactions, like Mommy is still trying to do.  Hoping FS is gonna make this journey a little less bumpy, with more pauses to sit with trees and ourselves.  Thank you, Darren.  And Thank All.”

Coach Dean (from 2021)
  • 15 years in the field of Nutrition (20 years in Police Force)
  • Experience in animal behaviour and creating health nourishing food
  • (Q) I’m always hungry 😋

Words from me: Trust that nature has your back. Everyone is here for a purpose. We just need to slow down and observe, give them space. No one is useless. Not even a sloth. And health is the ultimate expression of love 🥰

Coach Kaira (from 2020)


  • 2 year in the field of Urban Farming Education
  • Experienced in Yoga, growing plants
  • (Q) Was a cat in a previous lifetime

Words from me: “The forest is a living playground where Nature graciously imparts its precious knowledge to all, only if one is willing to enter its sacred grounds with a listening ear, open heart and curious mind. It is a space where one learns the forgotten language of the trees, and discovers the entire world in a raindrop.”

Coach Janebelle (from 2022)
  • 6 years in the field of Badminton
  • Experience in running, hiking and seeking discomfort
  • (Q) A (not so) secret lover of pop punk music

Words from me: “Here’s to never growing up :’)

Coach Adeline (from 2021)
  • 3 year in the field of Edible Gardening (1.5 in Therapeutic Horticulture)
  • Experienced in Exploring new places with no fear and noisy piano playing
  • (Q) I can make a really ducky duck face. It is really ducky.

Words from me: “Why does nature speak to us? Sometimes it seems that life is all about dualities – until it isn’t. Deep inside nature we are gifted with the light and dark, the comforting and frightening, the hills and valleys of the undulating land of the soil and our minds. The necessity of everything breathes within each space: every leaf, every shaft of light, every bird call. Distinctions dissolve. Our desires for control hit a blessed wall, and we blossom like a flower…

Coach Natasha (from 2021)

Coach Natasha

  • 5 years in the field of Environmental Policy
  • Experienced in hiking and rock climbing
  • (Q) I love walking barefoot 

Words from me: “We come from and belong to nature. That’s why we should protect and be in touch with the natural world around us.

Coach Genevieve (from 2020)

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-23 at 7.26.09 PM

  • Spend years in the field of Care work & Inner work
    My sharing: I’m looking forward to applying these skillsets beyond the family unit. Happy to be a part of the Forest School community and pitch in for the environment and holistic development of people
  • Experienced in meeting people where they are
  • (Q) I sometimes feel like a TARDIS – bigger on the inside.

Words from me: “In no particular order: Go with the flow. Enjoy the surf. Give from your overflow.”

Coach Jumilia (from 2017)


  • 10 years in the field of Education (Secondary English & Geography)
  • Experienced in Environmental Education
  • (Q) Avid Rock Climber and Foodie =p

Words from me: LOADING……

Coach Riam (from 2022)
  • 5 years in the field of Marketing, Copywriting & Proofreading
  • Experience in reading books and playing with cats
  • (Q) I’ve always wanted to live in a house with secret passageways!

Words from me: “Some stories are written, and some are lived, but every story contains within it the power to change the world. Never forget: you are the protagonist of your own life.

Coach Ammarah (from 2021)
  • 5 years in the field of Food & Beverages
  • Experience in Café management and coffee brewing
  • (Q) I can spend my whole day just brewing different cuppa coffee!

Words from me: Life is all abt unlearn and relearn. Coffee is here to make it simple 😏”

Coach Brenda (from 2022)
  • 20 years in the field of the Financial industry
  • Experience in dealing with difficult people 😉
  • (Q) Likes to mix different song lyrics into a poem . 😈

Words from me: “It’s never too late to start … It’s now or never”

Coach Alison (from 2021)
  • 13 years in the field of Graphic Design (5 Years Lecturing it)
  • Experienced in creative thinking, looking at details and rock climbing
  • (Q) I am right-handed but when I write with my left hand, the alphabets automatically come out mirror-image..

Words from me: We learn so much from observing children. A simple expression/action they do can be so profound.”

Coach Ayden (from 2022)
  • 14 years in the field of Design Communication
  • Experience in crafting and creative thinking
  • Sophisticated exploratory nuturist, P.s* I’m a meerkat, always curious and exploring the world.

Words from me: “unexamined” life – is not worth living.”

Coach Zi Yun (from 2017)
  • 12 years in the Military
  • Great Listener & Data Analyst
  • (Q) Doesn’t believe in positivity motivation 

Words from me: “I believe that forest school can bring a more balanced and holistic well-being to our future generations.”

Coach Huda (from 2019)

Coach Huda

  • 15 years in the field of Education
  • Experienced in D-I-Y and Nature projects
  • (Q) Right-hander who wears her watch on her right wrist

Words from me: “No action is too small to make a difference.”

Coach Emily (from 2019)
  • 4 years in the field of Education
  • Experience in Creative Thinking, Art and Fun with Children
  • (Q) I love all things Green

Words from me: “I love being with children because they constantly remind me to express myself freely, to put my emotions into simple words, to bravely announce the things i want or dont want, to pay full attention to what i do and not be bothered by the stares by the side, to be so unaware that I can truly be mysef again. There are so many things we can learn from them.”

Coach Isabell (from 2019)
  • 8 years in the field of Engineering
  • Experienced in bush walking
  • (Q) Stays away from anything slimy and moves

Words from me: “The forest changed me and I hope it will for many other people too.”

Coach Kavitha (from 2019)

Coach Kavitha

  • 7 years in the field of Motherhood
  • … Downloading …
  • (Q) … Downloading …

Words from me: “Nature is the art of god”

Coach Hui Ying (from 2020)


Coach Hui Ying (Hungry)

  • 12 years in the field of Hospitality
  • Experienced in Volunteer Management
  • (Q) Loves eating Indian food with hands and the smell that stays afterward!

Words from me: “Finding meaning is a conscious effort, and no effort is ever wasted. I am glad to be part of this Forest School ecosystem, to unlearn and relearn and dive deeper into the concept of holding space :)”

Coach Cheryl (from 2020)

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 8.54.22 PM

  • 2 year in the field of independent Art-making and Café service
  • Experienced in dancing and moving in water
  • (Q) I love cooking for people; just the sensations of touching different food makes me happy!

Words from me: “Connecting with my creative energies bears more than one shape. I enjoy exchanging with such diverse people as a result. Every body has a story, and I am thankful to wake up in the embrace of Mother Earth every morning to the unfolding miracles. Shhh… still listening…”

Coach Tesh (from 2020)
  • 8 year in the field of Outdoor Education
  • Experienced in everything Mountaineering, Hiking and Rock Climbing related
  • (Q) Because of storage issue, i let go of my bicycle and I now use a unicycle to commute for grocery

Words from me: “Never let go of your dreams. Keep focusing on them and the universe will conspire to make them happen.”

Coach Nisa (from 2021)
  • 8 years in the field of Existential & spiritual coaching with multi modality holistic healing and therapy
  • Experienced in Quantum energy healing and conscious manifesting
  • (Q) I hold imaginary concerts and acting scenes in my toilet and bedroom.

Words from me: We are here to unlearn the ways of our limited programming to shift into a life that allows us to express our unlimited god potential. Nature is our great ancient teacher. It has its way of connecting and reminding us of this ancient knowing about our godly selves and the truths of the universe already embedded within our souls.”

Coach Dania (from 2022)
  • 5 years in the field of Outdoor Education
  • Experience in climbing and spending my solo time with nature.
  • (Q) I love soggy fries and I don’t fancy durian.

Words from me: “Let go and let nature.

Coach Ilya (from 2022)
  • 2 years in the field of Special Education
  • Experienced in Anthropological fieldwork and writing 🤓
  • (Q) My favourite kind of days are the ones spent by the sea.

Words from me: “If the last hour strikes and finds you carrying a sapling to the grove for planting, go ahead and plant it. – Prophet Muhammad”

Coach Ivan (from 2023)
  • 20 years in the field of Accounting & E-Commerce
  • Experienced in Turning life stories into songs
  • (Q) Secretly tagging 1,2,3,4 to the common colours – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and have a compulsive need to arrange them in order.

Words from me: “Never lose the child in you.”

Coach Mei Yu (from 2023)
  • 10 years in the field of Early Childhood Education
  • Experienced in …
  • (Q) I don’t like peas

Words from me: “Have fun!”

Coach James (from 2023)
  • 20 years in the field of Education
  • Experienced in physical education, outdoor education and experiential learning
  • (Q) Can’t sit still

Words from me: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every purpose.”

Coach Clara (from 2023)
  • 15 years in the field of Education
  • Experienced in having fun
  • (Q) I can fall asleep anywhere

Words from me: “I’ve seen what spending time in nature has done for teenagers and adults. I believe nature’s impact on children will be even more far reaching. It’s also probably what our children need to build up their resilience against what the world will throw at them.”

Coach Linda (from 2023)
  • 30 years in the field of Finance
  • Experienced in forest therapy guiding and tennis
  • (Q) Talk to trees

Words from me: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is achieved”

Coach Jezamine (from 2023) … Loading

….Picture Loading….

  • … years in the field of …..
  • Experienced in …….
  • (Q) …….

Words from me: “…Loading…”

Coach Mariel (from 2023) … Loading
  • 12 years in the field of Arts
  • Experienced in Creating, improvising, learning
  • (Q) I can’t do the same thing twice

Words from me: “Don’t just do something, sit there”

Coach Sabrina Tay (from 2023) … Loading

…. Picture Loading….

  • …. years in the field of ….
  • Experienced in ……
  • (Q)……..

Words from me: “… Loading …”

Alumni Coaches

An alumni coach is a coach who has shown great competency and ability in the forest school journey, but is unable to commit to the deployment rigour of the core team. He/she has undergone our trainings and also have invaluable Forest School experience during the time they were with us. 

Gretchen (Senior, 2020-21)
Yiting (Master, 2020-21)
Nicholas (Master, 2019-22)
Huan Ting (Master, 2020-22)
Irene (Senior, 2019-20)
Nas (Senior, 2018-20)
Shimin (Master & Manager, 2017-19)

Germaine (Master & Vice Principal, 2016-21)
Rebecca Ko (Master & Manager, 2017-22)

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