Forest School Regular Session

Forest School (FS) Regular Session is the main program of Forest School Singapore. It is a school, where freedom, space, autonomy and empowerment come together to create self-directed play, learning and interaction.

Homenest Friday (2021)


The Forest School pedagogy and Nature’s Laws are our guideline to facilitating and developing together with our learners in the Forest School.

It is a Child-led program, hence our little ones will decide how, when, and what they want to do, learn, and develop in their forest school session.

FS Regular Session is a Long-term commitment that focuses and values the relationships, growth, development, and involvement of our families. It takes a village to raise a child.


  • Give children the space to lead their own play and learning.
  • Grow in confidence and resilience.
  • Allow children to grow their awareness from the self to the environment and beyond.
Squirrel Sunday (2019)


We have mixed-age dynamics in our FS Regular Sessions to enable children to interact with individuals of different ages and abilities.

Some sessions are split into JUNIOR (pre-school age) and SENIOR (primary school age) which will help each group align with the rhythm that is unique to the phases of growing up in Singapore. While some sessions are COMBINED to match the group’s learning and growth.

Additionally, we have two unique rhythms for our sessions – the MORNING session and the AFTERNOON session. Forest School in Singapore, unlike other temperate countries, does not revolve around 4 clear seasons. But we have a solar rhythm that dictates our energy and developments throughout the day. The morning sun provides a rising and more excited development while the afternoon sun provides a closing and more reflective development.

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