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Forest School afternoon sessions happen in the bronze-light of the setting sun. The rhythm of development ties closely with the reflective nature of the evening. Children experience the cooling wind of the forest as she aligns with the setting sun and his cooling solar forces. Realization and the full-circle of connection comes together nearing the end of the session.

Afternoon sessions were launched for children who are attending mainstream morning schools. We want to give our school going children a space where they can experience the freedom and autonomy that the forest provide, after going through a more structured morning in their mainstream school environment.

FS Weekly Afternoon Class | Term 4
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Updated status 29 Aug 2021, 11.19am

SessionDayAge GroupSizeAvailable Slot
AntelopeFriday4-7 years old
15 / 150 (Full)
AlbatrossFriday8-12 years old
12 / 120 (Full)
BobcatsSaturday4-7 years old
12 / 120 (Full)
Bulbul Saturday8-12 years old
12 / 120 (Full)

DETAILS of the Afternoon Class
1530 – 1830
Frequency: One Day / Week
Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park
Coaches: FSS Team

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Condition 1: Sessions are Drop Off Only,
for children to develop independence
Condition 2: Understand Approach, for parents before joining us.
Condition 3: Be Open to the Practices, and evolve together with us.
Condition 4: Be willing to follow our Terms & Conditions

Coaches and Children of the First Afternoon Forest School session in 2019


Registration Confirmed When:
Registration FORM
are received

Subsequent Payment Duration:
<Monthly> Invoiced before the next month

Payment Amount (Weekday):
Rate: SGD40 / session / pax
(On Average $160/month)

Payment Amount (Saturday):
Rate: SGD50 / session / pax
(On Average $200/month)

Payment Conditions:
Payment Amount are fixed regardless of attendance. The fixed monthly fees are a commitment to the community beyond the classroom and will also allow our programs  and children to flourish. It is only fair, as we will be holding the limited slot for every child.

Updated as of 29 April 2021: Terms & Conditions to match the contextual need of the program
Updated as of 14 Aug 2021: Continue with Framework in line with Safety Measures from existing situation

2022 Enrolment will begin on 23 Nov 2021
2022 Enrolment will join from the 7-9 January 2022  

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