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Forest School (FS) weekly morning sessions are part of our Forest School Regular Session, which is the main program of Forest School Singapore. It is a school, where freedom, space, autonomy, and empowerment come together to create self-directed play, learning, and interaction. Read more about our regular sessions here.

FS weekly morning sessions are delivered under the beautiful rising sun. High excited energy fills the start of the day. Fresh and ready to explore, children warm up gradually as the rhythm of development pour in together with their curiosity and energy. The sun comes up to the top of the sky, where children start to experience the rising temperature of the air and begin to seek shaded areas to shelter. Play comes down a little bit, while they consolidate their experience through methods of their own choices. It can be craft, food, or a little group play.

For the children to fully benefit from our sessions, we have set out some conditions for our parents to understand and accept before signing up. (click on the underlined phrase to read all before signing up with us)

Condition 1: Sessions are Drop Off Only,
for children to develop independence
Condition 2: Understand our Approach, for parents before joining us.
Condition 3: Be Open to the Practices, and evolve together with us.
Condition 4: Be willing to follow our Terms & Conditions

Forest School Parents, Coaches and Children at Mayfair Park (2017)

FS Weekly Morning Sessions | 2023 | 1st Semester | Jan – May

SessionDayAge Group^Average / Month
Friday4 – 9 years old (Combine)SGD$160
Saturday4 – 7 years old (Junior)SGD$200
Saturday7 – 9 years old (Senior)SGD$200
Sunday4 – 7 years old (Junior) SGD$200
^ Actual Payment Amount will depend on number of sessions that happens in each month

DETAILS of All FS Weekly Morning Sessions

Duration: 0900 – 1200
Frequency: One Day / Week
Group Size: Maximum 20 children / session
Location: Mayfair Park – (Clementi Forest)
Coaches: FSS Team

2023 | 1st Semester Schedule

Registration & Payment

Registration Confirmed When:
Registration FORM and Fee PAYMENTS* are both received.
You will receive an email confirmation once registration is confirmed.
*Payments include : $200 (Deposit) + $80 (Registration) + 2-months

Subsequent Payment Duration:
<Monthly> Invoiced before the next month

Payment Conditions:
Payment Amount is fixed regardless of attendance. The fixed monthly fees are a commitment to the community beyond the classroom and will also allow our programs and children to flourish. It is only fair, as we will be holding the limited slot for every child.

Put yourself on our mailing list for future weekly session enrolments. We will send you the latest updates on them.

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