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Forest School morning sessions are delivered under the beautiful rising sun. High excited energy fills the start of the day. Fresh and ready to explore, children warms up gradually as the the rhythm of development pours in together with their curiosity and energy. The sun comes up to the top of the sky, where children starts to experience the rising temperature of the air, and begin to seek shaded area to shelter. Play comes down a little bit, while they consolidate their experience through methods of their own choices. It can be craft, food or a little group play.

FS Weekly Morning Classes:

> Junior Friday (4-6 years old)
[0 Slots available] – On-Waiting List
> Senior Friday (7-11 years old)
[0 Slots available] – On-Waiting List
> Junior Saturday  (4-6 years old)
[0 Slots available] – On-Waiting List
> Senior Saturday (7-11 years old)
[0 Slots available] – On-Waiting List
> Junior Sunday (4-6 years old)
[0 Slots available] – On-Waiting List

DETAILS of All the Morning Classes
0900 – 1200
Frequency: One Day / Week
Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park
Coaches: FSS Team
Group Size: Capped at 12-15 per class
*New enrollment will join in Mid-September (18-20 of Sep)

Condition 1: Sessions are Drop Off Only, for children to develop independence
Condition 2: Understand Approach, for parents before joining us.
Condition 3: Be Open to the Practices, and evolve together with us.


Registration Confirmed When:
Registration FORM
are received

Payment Duration
<Monthly> Invoiced at the end of the month

Payment Amount (Friday):
Rate: SGD40 / session / pax
(On Average $160/month)

Payment Amount (Saturday/Sunday):
Rate: SGD50 / session / pax
(On Average $200/month)

Payment Conditions:
Payment Amount are fixed regardless of attendance unless your child is sick and has seen the doctor. The fixed monthly fees are a commitment to the community beyond the classroom and will also allow our programs  and children to flourish. It is only fair, as we will be holding the limited slot for every child.

Updated as of 22 June 2020: In the light of the COVID-19 situation and Phase 2 Restart implemented by the Singapore Government, We will be restarting according to the restart framework – Restart Framework


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