Framework is updated as of 26 April 2022



This framework is put in place to safeguard the health and well-being of all stakeholders involved in activities organized by Forest School Singapore upon resumption of operations after the easing of current measures. This is taking a precautionary approach to minimize any COVID-19 transmissions risk that may still remain present in our society.


Forest School Singapore will continue its outdoor operations, including regular sessions, family walks, holiday camps, workshops and projects in a careful and safe manner. The following framework will be adopted from the commencement of forest school activities. All stakeholders involved in Forest School Singapore’s operations, as listed below, will be expected to comply with the Framework.

Participants: Children, Parents and other Adults
Coaches (including all volunteers and observers)
Parents, Guardians and Helpers involved in regular classes, family walks and holiday camps (including drop-off and pick-up)

(Updated as of 26 April 2021)

Follow the Updated National Safe Management Measures

(Updated as of 26 April 2022)

The group size of each program will continue as usual with the following guidelines.

Class/Session Size: Not Applicable

(Do take note that we will adhere to the Safe Management Measures group sizing on paper, however, if during the session, there are unforeseen circumstances where safety is of concern, the coaches are permitted to take action that may not necessarily comply with the arbitrary measures. Immediate Safety of the whole group will take precedence over the arbitrary measures.)

  1. Coaches will be practicing transient movement between sub-groups. 
  2. Coaches will conduct the session with following TACTICAL MOVEMENT 
  3. All programs are advised to keep moving through-out the duration of the program as much as possible. Any rest and stop-over should be held at a non-crowded and less-visible area, for less than 10 minutes.

Click here to reference TACTICAL MOVEMENT:

In cases where avoidance is not entirely possible i.e. Pick-up / Drop-off Area, effort will be made to reduce holding time. Programs will be conducted within the confines of the forest, trails, fields and other open green areas as much as possible; to avoid / switch to alternative routes in response to large public crowds that may show up. 

(Updated as of 26 April 2021)

We have made some changes to our Health Declaration form to balance between safety and necessity. We will do our due diligence and trust in Mother Nature’s presence and wisdom.

  1. Participants and Coaches will ONLY fill in the Health Declaration (HD) form if they have issues related to COVID-19 (taking reference from the details provided on that require our attention in order to ensure safety of the Forest School Singapore Community. (E.g. Under HRW, COVID-19 positive)
    (E.g. Received SMS to be under observation for symptoms or invitation for swab test)
  2. Participants and Coaches with no issue related to COVID-19 do NOT NEED to fill in the HD form.
  3. The updated HD initiative will be applied to all FSS programs.
  4. Any response in this form, will be immediately followed up by the Appointed Manger and Team of FSS.

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