Framework for Restart (24-May)

On our plans for Restart when we are given the go-ahead.
Titled: FFR-24052020ALL

UPDATED ON 16-JUNE-2020, to align with Phase 2 of Re-opening Measures



This framework is put in place to safeguard the health and well-being of all stakeholders involved in activities organised by Forest School Singapore upon resumption of operations after the easing of circuit breaker measures. This is taking a precautionary approach to minimise any Covid-19 transmissions risk that may still remain present in our society.

The framework will be adopted until the end of Phase 2, or when we are given the green-light to remove the elements in the framework by the Health authorities measures. 

All stakeholders involved in Forest School Singapore’s operations, as listed below, will be expected to comply with the FSS Framework for Restart 

  • Participants: Children and Clients
  • Coaches (including all volunteers and observers)
  • Parents, Guardians and Helpers involved in regular classes, family walks and holiday camps (including drop-off and pick-up)


Firstly we will comply with the “FSS Infectious Disease Contingency”




Coaches will ensure that safe management measures are executed and adhered to keep participants safe:







(Temporary Arrangement)

Taking into account the uncertainties present, we would temporarily revise our payment structure to monthly payments and billings. 

    1. Monthly payments will now be made at the end of the month 
    2. Monthly billings would be based on the number of sessions conducted at the end of the month regardless of the number of sessions attended by your child(ren).
    3. Payments for the previous months should still be made 7 days within the issuance of the invoice.
    4. Monthly billings will not include sessions where:– Your child or someone is in the same household is unwell. He/she is required to not attend the program, and seek medical advice from medical professionals for further follow-up.
      – Your child or someone in the same household has been issued a stay-home notice or a quarantine notice or is infected with COVID-19.

These arrangement will be uphold until the Forest School Singapore management feels that it is safe enough to go back to our usual processes, without being affected by stoppages of the school.


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