Framework for Restart (24-May)

On our plans for Restart when we are given the go-ahead.
Titled: FFR-24052020ALL

Hi Everyone,

We believe that you would have all been informed and educated about the different Phase of re-opening after the 2nd June 2020, when Circuit Breaker measures will be eased up gradually by our Singapore government to enable us to re-open our country and functions safely. We have formulated the following framework and steps to prepare for our restart in alignment with the Phases as well.

Here are the announcement and framework



1.1 Based on the recent news and measures from the Singapore government, we will fall in the “Phase 2 of re-opening”. We will likely be able to continue Forest School Singapore’s programs in Phase 2, with ample safety measures.

1.2 With that in mind, we are targeting to restart on 1st July or later. If Phase 2 happens earlier than 1st July. We will not start our regular weekly programs first, but begin re-orientating our coaches and run some workshops to kick-off the restart (These will be shared when Phase 2 is announced). 




To safeguard the health and well-being of all Staff, Volunteers, Clients, Parents and Children involved in activities organised by Forest School Singapore upon resumption of operations after the easing of circuit breaker measures. This is taking a precautionary approach to minimise any Covid-19 transmissions risk that may still remain present in our society. 

The framework will be adopted until the end of Circuit Breaker, with the removal of all the temporary measures. 

Firstly we will comply with the “FSS Infectious Disease Contingency”

Next, we will follow the following guideline when we are able to restart: 

  1. If any participant or someone is the same household is unwell, he/she is required to not attend the program, and seek medical advice from medical professionals for further follow up. The fee of the affected child will be removed for the missed session.
  2. Safe-distancing will be observed at all times during the program, based on the health advisory given by Singapore’s health and government authorities.– More focus will therefore be placed on individual play, exploration and development.
  3. Locations that pose higher transmission risk will be avoided in the program. This includes but is not limited to: playgrounds, urban malls & visitor centers.– In cases where avoidance is not entirely possible i.e. Pick-up / Drop-off Area, effort will be made to reduce holding time.
    – Programs will be conducted within the confines of the forest, trails, fields and other open green areas as much as possible, avoiding / taking alternative routes in response to large crowds that may turn up.
  4. Masks will be worn at all times following Singapore’s health and legal mandate. In the event of ambiguity in regulation, everyone will still be required to carry with them a mask at all times. Masks will be checked prior to the start of each session.
    All students and staff will be required to wear masks prior to sessions.
    A face shield can be used instead of a mask, as preferred by user.
  5. No sharing of food or equipment will be allowed during the session.

  6. The group size of each program will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants and 2 coaches. The guideline is subjected to review based on the advisory by Singapore’s health and government.– If there are more than 10 sign-ups in a session, that session will be split into two teams held concurrently (each team will still be managed by two coaches).

  7. Health Status Declaration will need to be filled up before attending the first session upon restarting. FSS will send out the Declaration form to our participants 3-days before the commencement of the program.

  8. Daily temperature-taking routines will continue.


Lastly, there will also be some changes to administrative and payment matters.


Taking into account the uncertainties present, we would temporarily revise our payment structure to monthly payments and billings. 

    1. Monthly payments will now be made at the end of the month 
    2. Monthly billings would be based on the number of sessions conducted at the end of the month regardless of the number of sessions attended by your child(ren).
    3. Payments for the previous months should still be made 7 days within the issuance of the invoice.
    4. Monthly billings will not include sessions where:– Your child or someone is the same household is unwell. He/she is required to not attend the program, and seek medical advice from medical professionals for further follow-up.
      – Your child or someone in the same household has been issued a stay-home notice or a quarantine notice or is infected with COVID-19.
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