Friends of FSS

Here are the profiles of the Guest Teachers & Forest School friends =)
So excited to have the Guest Teachers share their wonderful insights.

Dr. Han Zi Yang

Voluntary Guest Teacher

  • 7 years as a Veterinarian
  • Experience in Veterinary Public Health
  • Enjoys Working with children to Discover the Wonderful World of Animals.
  • Quirky thing about me:
    Owned by 2 sister rabbits “Tubby” and “Nolla”

Words from me: “Animals and children are 2 of my greatest teachers. Both offer unconditional love and acceptance and teach us lessons that we have forgotten as adults”

Dr. Teo Boon Han

Voluntary Guest Teacher

  • 7 years as an Educator, Adjunct Lecturer at Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore
  • Wildlife Veterinarian at the National Parks Board
  • Loves nature and all animals, big or small 
  • Quirky thing about me:
    Proud owner of a cat called Clive; he can do a high-five!

Words from me: “To build a City in Nature in Singapore, we must first have it in our hearts.”

Note: Graduate in Bachelor’s of Veterinary Medicine from the Royal Veterinary College in 2015, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (United Kingdom)

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