FSNews: Changes for 2020

Forest School Singapore has grown over the past 4 years in leaps and bounds. We were expected to not have survived considering the amount of challenges that lies ahead in an urban city like Singapore. But we have pulled through and now exist with a strong 60 children, 40 families, 20 coaches, 7 managers. We are also happy and proud to share that we now have 6 compatriots doing similar nature-forest-children programs (“FS at Lower Piere”, “Nature Explorer Academy”, “Roots & Boots”, “Wildings”, “Outdoor School Singapore”, “Survivor School”)

Thank you for your continuous support and commitment in the year of 2019, making it a great journey thus far for everyone. We will now announce the changes in Forest School Weekly and Regular Programme in the coming year 2020:

Change 1

Forest School Wildcats Afternoon will move to Friday Afternoon.
Forest School Thornbill Thursday will be closed and shifted. 
Forest School Falcon Friday will split into Junior and Senior Group.

Forest School Friday

Ferret Friday
[9.00am – 12.00nn]
(4 – 6 years old)

Falcon Friday
[9.00am – 12.00nn]
(7 – 12 years old)

Friday Afternoon
[3.30 – 6.30pm]
(6 – 11 years old)

Forest School Sunbear Saturday will split into Junior and Senior Group.

Forest School Saturday

Sunbear Saturday
[9.00am – 12.00nn]
(4 – 6 years old)

SpottedEagle Saturday
[9.00am – 12.00nn]
(7 – 12 years old)

Forest School Squirrel Sunday will split into Junior and Senior Group.

Forest School Sunday

Squirrel Sunday
[9.00am – 12.00nn]
4 – 6 years old

Sparrowhawk Sunday
[9.00am – 12.00nn]
7 – 12 years old


Change 2

Forest School Term Breaks in 2020 will follow Singapore Government School Holiday period, which means that there will be NO regular forest school sessions during March, June, September and December Holidays.


Change 3

Additionally, we will also be implementing a fixed payment system from the start of year 2020. All regular weekly program payments will be made monthly as a fix payment, regardless of the amount of and reason for absence. Please note that there will be no pre-schedule or make-up available. The implementation of the fixed monthly fees is a commitment for the sessions, which will allow our children and families to flourish, promoting growth and learning for our children.

(P.S. We have rolled it out for the Thursday and Afternoon sessions  for 2019, and see evidently higher development, connection and responsibility amongst the kiddos in their interaction and learning)


If you have any queries or feedback feel free to email us at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com to let us know.

Darren, Germaine, Rebecca, Shirleen
David, Chelsea, Donovan
FSS Managers
Forest School Singapore

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