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Since Forest School Singapore began three years ago, we have experienced many ups and downs. We went through the pioneering phase, where we braved public resistance towards the risk-taking involved in a wilderness program. We had exchanges with authorities and individuals that almost crippled the initiative. On top of these challenges, we were also flooded with the day-to-day of a business and a school: ranging from manpower, training, commitment, competency, administration, environmental, coordination, finances, sustainability, to the mental and physical welfare of our team.

In our third year, we underwent tornado-like changes in manpower, while attempting to grow the forest school movement, and sustain the business. What we learnt from this journey, was that forest school would not grow like most businesses and schools. It will not be franchised, or expanded through numbers. Instead, it will grow in the minds of people who have experienced it and been touched by it. How they continue from there, will be their journey, whether is it with or without FSS. Forest School would have become their lifestyle.

Over the last six months, we faced issues and challenges related to manpower, quality, finances and sustainability, in addition to the increased interest from schools/organisations. This has taken its toll on the Forest School Team and the Forest itself. We are unable to continue our existing load without sizable changes. Or we will risk full closure.

With that in mind, we will be shrinking Forest School Singapore programs and resources, to ensure we have ample competency and capacity to sustain the movement, without compromising on the quality of the program for the existing forest school families, who are committed to the journey.

We hope everyone understands. As Forest School Singapore is the first of its kind in Singapore, we have to brave waves of challenges unlike any before.



(Beginning 1st August 2018)

  1. Forest Walk (Parents Accompanied) program will stop indefinitely.
  2. FS Workshop will be introduce as an short-term/ad-hoc program that will replace FS Introduction Training, Forest Walk and other ad-hoc programs.
    (E.g. We will organise Family Walk on Specific Saturday based on our resources)
  3. FS Holiday Camp will happen outside of the regular Forest School schedule.
    (E.g. December Holidays)
  4. FS Projects will be introduced to handle all external enquiries and demands. The project will only be accepted if we have enough resources. The mindset of and values held by the leaders coordinating the project will play a big part in our acceptance of the project.


  1. Forest School (Drop-Off) program will continue on Thursday, Friday, Saturday onlyMaximum Group size will be 20 pax.
    Reason for the change: Our group attendance across the board is around 75% based on all the different pre-schedule and unpredictable circumstances, so we feel that a group maximum size at 20, will allow everyone the existing flexibility schedule to meet the pace of Singapore, while also ensuring that our group energy and size will be maintain. This will also make sure that the manpower on our hand will be effectively deployed. (It has to make financial sense to us as well).
  2. Trials (Parents Only) will now happen in the Forest School (Drop-Off) program. To allow Parents to understand and experience it themselves first. It will follow some house rules which we have formulated through experiences.
  3. New Sign Ups will only join the class in the first week of every month. This is to ensure that our children assimilate and knows what to expect in terms of commitment from their new friends. (Yes, our children are sensitive to the energy and commitment of the relationship they have with each other)



(Beginning 1st August 2018)

Operation & Business (Darren)
Invoicing & Billing (Shirleen)
Enquiry & Emails (Germaine)
Feedback & Newsletter (Shimin)
HR & Recruitment (Yiqi)

Coaching Staff (fix) for Forest School classes
FS Thursday – Darren, Gin, Shimin
FS Friday – Darren, Gin, David
FS Saturday – Darren, Ronghao, Ziyun, (Yiqi)
FS Sunday – (TBC), (TBC)

You can read all their profiles on https://coachdarren.co/the-profiles/

If you wish to understand more deeply the reason behind “the change”, feel free to email us at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com or whatsapp our Principal (Darren -91266624, please note that this is his personal phone line, so do be patient with the reply)

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