FSS Coach Recruitment Course

To Become a Forest School Singapore Coach
Represent the Spirit of Forest School

Key Objectives:
– Understand the system and processes
– Read and Complete the given reading materials
– Be well-verse with the Forest School ways
– Able to commit for at least ONE 3-day camp in DECEMBER 2023
– Develop your own Forest School initiative / projects in future

Details of the Course:
Duration: 6 Weeks
Start date: 16 JUL 2023
End date: 20 AUG 2023

1. Enter the FSS Coach Recruitment 6-weeks Course
2. Complete and Pass the Final Assessment
3. Selected Trainee will be Officially FSS Coaches
4. Process Accordingly by Manpower Managers
5. Ready for Deployment

Schedule of FSS COACH Recruitment 6-weeks Course (FCRC)

WeekDateTimeCourse Work & Trainings
Week 116 JUL, SUN1500 – 1800Mikoto Sensei Training Assessment
Week 2OTOT : Study Orientation List & Library
Week 223 JUL, SUN1500 – 1800Post Orientation Reflection Assessment
Week 330 JUL, SUN1500 – 1800Operational Skill Training Assessment
Week 44 – 6 AUG
0900 – 1200 or
1500 – 1800
Weekly FS Session Attachment
Week 511 – 13 AUG
0900 – 1200 or
1500 – 1800
Weekly FS Session Attachment
Week 620 AUG, SUN0900 – 1800Final Selection Assessment Weekend

Remarks/ Conditions:
– Trainees will be given a Completion Award Fee ($200) for completing the course as well as fulfil at least one 3-days camp in December 2023
-Trainees who do not complete all 6-weeks will not be given the Award Fee
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