FSS Contingency: 12-Apr (Parents)

On the FSS action for COVID-19 measures and developments.
Titled: FSSC-21042020REGULAR

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for your patience and support during this tough times. With the new circuit breaker and stay-home measures we have endeavoured to carry out the following actions. We will be cancelling FSS programs until 4th May 2020. And continue observing the development of the Covid-19 situation. With that in place, we will be making an adjustment to the sessions, make-ups and refunds. 

Existing FSS Families

  1. Everyone is to complete April’s Invoices payment as planned. 
  2. We will stop May’s Invoices.
  3. We will use the sessions slots in May to June (total 8-9 slots) for End-Mar to April cancellation (total 4-5 make-up session)
  4. We have prepared SGD$10,400 for refunds for the End-Mar to April cancellation in case our make-ups couldnt proceed due to further extension of existing measures. 
  5. Everyone is to fill in this form to prepare for possible refund if required. 

NORMAL refund form: https://forms.gle/DR824kxiLSEphbRL8

  1. Those who have withdrawn already, will not be able to engage in the make-up. A separate case by case refund arrangement will be made for you based on the missed classes due to the measures.

For everyone’s reference

We have enough reserve to last till October 2020 after all the above plans and actions. We will not tap on the budget that the government has given, as there are other businesses and individuals who will need it more. If we run ourselves empty in October 2020. We will restart when the situation allows. Thank you everyone for your support and understanding. 

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