FSS Holiday Camp 2021 (Summer Series)

The FS Holiday Camp experience allows children to connect with nature and explore their inner emotion, curiosity and awareness. It is a space of freedom and responsibility.

– To give children the space to lead their own play and learning.
– Grow in confidence and resilience.
– Develop their own learning for their own interest.




Date and Time (8 Camps Available):
Registration Status as of 14 April 2021, 9.15am (All Full)

  1. Camp Saga: 31st May – 2nd June (0900-1200) 0 slot available
  2. Camp Simpoh: 2nd June – 4th June (1500-1800) 0 slot available
  3. Camp Seraya: 7th June – 9th June (0900-1200) 0 slot available
  4. Camp Angsana: 9th June – 11th June (1500-1800)  0 slot available
  5. Camp Petaling: 14th June – 16th June (0900-1200) 0 slot available
  6. Camp Gelam: 16th June – 18th June (1500-1800) 0 slot available
  7. Camp Tembusu: 21st June – 23rd June (0900-1200) 0 slot available
  8. Camp Merati: 23rd June – 25th June (1500-1800)  0 slot available

Dairy Farm Nature Park (Click to View)

Group size:
Minimum 6 Maximum 20 pax

4 to 12 years old

Gears & Attire (Click to view)


Child has to be able to carry his/her own bag
Parents have to read FS Practice (Click to View)

SGD180.00 / child / camp
+ SGD5.00 per registration submitted

Registration Closed

You can check out our sister communities and their amazing programs for holidays


For those of you looking at other dates in the future, you can leave your name & email with us while indicating the workshop(s) you are interested in attending. We will send you the latest updates when we launch them.

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