FSS Summer Teacher Training

Forest School Singapore will be training teachers/educators who are looking to bring their classroom outdoors, into nature. There has been large amount of research and evidence to show to huge benefit of learning in nature. Children and adult both benefit physically, biologically, emotionally and mentally from the engagement and presence of nature. In the 2-day course, we look to equip educators with the mindset, skills and attitude that will give them the ability to combine their content with the element of nature to deliver their learning outcomes. 


To be certified “Forest School Singapore Summer Teacher” Trained.
To understand and be able to apply the Forest School ways
To be able to journey deeply in the meta-physical sense with nature.
To be able to combine personal content with Forest School.  



For Training Session:

1. Introduction to Forest School Singapore ways. (D1)
2. Safety and Risk Management. (D1)
3. Environmental Awareness and Management. (D1)

4. Learning of the Meta-physical Elements. (D2)
5. Special Needs & Giftedness. (D2)
6. Personal Connection and Opening of Heart. (D2)
7. Starting a value-driven program with Heart (D2)

For Portfolio Submissions:
8. Practical A – Submit a report showing how you apply FS in your teaching.
9. Practical B – Create a FS-ish program in your institute



Training Sessions

Date: 20 & 21 June 2020
Time: 9am – 5pm Daily
Day 1 (Dairy Farm Nature Park)

Day 2 (Mayfair Park) 

Submission of Practical A (3-Months)

Date: 5 September 2020
Mode: Email to forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com

Submission of Practical B (6-Months)
Date: 5 December 2020
Mode: Email to forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com 

If required, Forest School Singapore’s Principal will ask that the teacher meet him/her in person to explain further on their submission. Result for Practicals will be out 1-month after submission.



To complete and receive the certification:
1. Complete and Submit both Practical A and B
2. Achieve a Pass on both Practical A and B
3. Exhibit understanding and awareness of the environment that he/she does the session. 

What you will receive at the end of the course:
1. Certification that you have trained and passed the “FSSSummerTeacherTraining”
2. A program that can be applied in your education institute.
3. A close community of teachers and students for support.
4. A deep understanding of your environment and your community.



Willing and Motivated to evolve in their journey of education and life.

Fee: SGD$1200 (Public)
Social Pricing Available for Selected Individuals

Every Applicant has to be interviewed before approved to join.
Class Size: Min 2, Max 8


TESTIMONIAL from recent Trainees of FSS

Comments from Teachers who has undergone some of our basic training. 

Blossom (Pre-School Teacher) –  “I do notice that i tend to say be careful a lot of times to the children. hopefully i can include more outdoor activities with the kids in line with the curriculum…..”

Huan Ting (Secondary School Teacher) – The language that you guys shared you used with the kids at forest school, I could use immediately with my students. Think its a great way to teach young ppl resilience….”


When you are ready to take the step forward or wish to find out more, do contact us via the channel below. We will follow up with you from there on.

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