FSS Training

The Forest School Singapore Training (FSST), is the development and outreach arm of Forest School Singapore. It will serve as the platform for adults to learn about the ways of forest school, practices, and philosophies. The FSST will evolve together in context with our educational and natural landscape of Singapore and the South-East Asia region.

🌱 Autumn Training Season (4th Edition)

Please note that you will be able to see the availability of the number of slots in each training after the registration form is submitted.

Name of TrainingDayTimePlaceTrainer
Approach & Mindset

Sat2000 – 2200Google Meet (Online)Darren
FSS Intro
The Science behind FS

Sat0900 – 1200Dairy Farm Nature ParkDarren
FSS Intro
The Arts behind FS
Sat1500 – 1800Dairy Farm Nature ParkDarren

For those of you looking at other dates in the future, you can drop us your contact details below to be put on our mailing list. You will be given access to register for the workshop before we open it to the public when you are on our mailing list. 

The FSST Philosophy

Purpose of FSS Training
Bring the forest school way into all the education establishments in Singapore.

Meaning of doing FSS Training
You are embarking on a journey of evolution to become a individual who will embody the forest school essence.

Our Training Values

Value to the Individual
Become a better and balance parent, teacher and human being.

Value to Our Community
Become an asset to your world in terms of understanding children, nature and rhythms.

Value to Our Environment
Become a guardian of the forest, ocean and entities of the earth.

How we formulated the Forest School Trainings
The articles listed here, are some of the stories and experiences that forms the foundation and content of FSS Training. All these and more, led to the birth of our own Training and Sharing channel for more parents/teachers/adults to learn and embody the Forest School ways.

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