FSS Training: Full List of Modules

In FSST, we have a range of module that will serve as guiding points of the learning journey towards understanding the forest school way. The numerical numbering of the modules are NOT necessary to be followed in the linear progressive order.

Everyone can choose the modules that they wish to learn from, and progress according to their own interest and motivation. This is a spherical network learning journey, unlike the usual linear progression of learning. You decide your learning progression.

*** – Recommended for Beginners

Click on the module names below for the session details & registration

Module (T) 1 to 8 are Theory modules that can be learn remotely via ONLINE Classes.

T1. Approach & Mindset ***
T2. Operation of the Coach ***
T3. Learning Theories
T4. Risk Management
T5. Special Needs
T6. Involving the Community
T7. Deeper Supportive Practices
T8. Create a Forest School

Module (S) 1 to 4 are Skills modules that are learn in practical

S1. Tour of Campus ***
S2. Ropes of the Land
S3. TreeClimbing
Flames of Life

Module (K) 1 to 4 are Knowledge modules that are learn in practical

K1. Safety & Your Roles ***
K2. Navigation & Wandering
K3. Orang Asli & Durian 
K4. Eco-Patterns & Mycelium

Module (A) 1 to 4  are Awareness modules that are learn in practical

A1. Meeting Teacher Daisy  ***
A2. Meeting Teacher Eddy
A3. Meeting Mikoto Sensei
A4. Sacred Relationships

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