FSS Training: Scheduled Trainings

You can join the module that spark your interest/passion first. Some people prefer theory-based learning, while others prefer to be hands-on.

click on the Module/s for more details & sign up

Registration status as of 2 May 2021, 1.07pm

MAY (The Last Two Trainings of the 2nd Evolution of FSST)

(22-May) Orang Asli & Durian Session Full
Knowledge | Saturday | 4.00pm

(27-May) Create A Forest School Session Full
Theory | Thursday | 8.00pm

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Look out for the next round of the Forest School Singapore Training which will launch in Term 3 on 22 June 2021. We will be undergoing the 3rd Evolution of FSST for Term 3. Excited to Share with everyone when the new version is up. You can drop us your contact details below to be put on our mailing list. You will be given access to register for the workshop before we open it to the public, when you are on our mailing list. 

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