FSST: Ropes & TreeClimbing

“Touches that Guides”
This module serve as a slightly deeper look into how our environment shapes our skills and abilities. By experiencing the hands-on element of the training, we look to have a stronger hand to land connection.

Content & Agenda of Training Module

Learn how to tie different knots, and make your own rope with just the material of the land.

To be able to climb a trees, with full body awareness

***Note on Keeping an Open Mind
What you learn must not be taken as the fact or the only truth in your learning journey. It should serve as a guiding force/direction to your understanding. It is your prerogative to focus on where you can relate and learn better.

Details of the Training

Type: Skills
 TBC, Saturday
Time: 9.00am to 12.00pm (3-hour)
Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park
Group size: Maximum 8 pax
Requirement: –
Conducted by: TBC

Register for the Training

Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and registration form submitted
Payment Duration: N.A.
Payment Amount: SGD57.00 / pax

Drop us an email at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com, with your name and the modules that your are interested to sign up for when they are launch.

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