FSST Testimonials

Personally, the points on understanding a child’s schema and reasons behind every action, serve important reminders for me. With my lack of confidence, I tend to be more a directive kind of adult, to be in control. So I need reminders like these from people like you and Darren who are more confident in letting the child lead at a higher degree.

To convince or persuade as a kid to kid peer level, or an adult to adult level. Which means to talk at same level, rather than veering more to top-down.

At the same time, be trusting and accepting with their choices.

Coach Irene

I attended the mindset and approach online class conducted by David. It gave me an idea of the pedagogy and how forest school is done here in Singapore. As a mom of 3 younglings (8, 6 yo and 22months) It’s fascinating to see and discover how children self direct, problem solve and negotiate, even at a young age.

David was open and candid in taking our questions, even when it was out of the current context for the evening.


My two main takeaways were 1) why kids can repeat the same action many times over, which helps me better relate to them and 2) Darren’s point during the X-Men portion that we can shift to seeing ourselves as part of a whole spectrum of needs, as part of truly normalizing people with different abilities and needs. I also really liked what Darren shared about affirming kids’ abilities and believing what they say, for example if they see things that others can’t. So all in all it was a really interesting and enjoyable training.

Coach Angela

It was a good understanding on FS approach, especially the eating banana example. Instead of telling the kids how to do it, give them space and time to learn, let them figure out on their own for self taught skills 👍
This is the hardest part for parents, we usually tell them what to do how to do.

Irene, FS Parent

I’ve found the module really intriguing as I’ve always been geared towards allowing individuals to express themselves the way they are. It’s nice to know that you guys have been encouraging this, if I haven’t misunderstood the way you’ve been creating experiences for children to explore and react to their raw responses with regards to the environment that was presented to them.


On the point that we were discussing, how to handle kids that are unwilling to join in certain activities, i felt yes there is a certain level of encouragement that we should do but beyond that if the kid isn’t keen, then i thought it’s fine to find alternatives. As ultimately everyone has their own interests.

Jensen, Principal for Nature Explorers School

After the Tour of Campus, I feel motivated to come and bring my family around Dairy Farm to explore! The session opened my eyes in what is available around here, and not just what is listed around on the maps.

-Julie Woods
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