FSST: The Gatherer

“Nurturing Applications”
Tree Climbing | Foraging | Weaving

Content & Agenda of Training Module

Learn about your body through the Climbing of Trees

Learn how to forage amongst Singapore’s Nature. Paying attention to the clues that Nature shows to lead us to understand how we can harvest and live with her.

Learn how to make aesthetic and functional items, based on what Nature provides. Practicing the delicate skill and focus of weaving.

***Note on Keeping an Open Mind
What you learn must not be taken as the fact or the only truth in your learning journey. It should serve as a guiding force/direction to your understanding. It is your prerogative to focus on where you can relate and learn better.

Details of the Training

Date: TBC (Saturday)
Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm

Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park
Group size: 5 pax
Requirement: –
Conducted by: Forest School Singapore Coaches

Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and registration form submitted
Payment Duration: N.A.
Payment Amount: SGD207.00 / pax

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