FSW: For Educators

Listening-Attention | Subconscious-Learning | Risk-Convincing

In this Workshop, Educators will learn about the ways of Forest School through experiencing what the children experience during a session. The workshop will allow you to understand how to go about doing your own version of Forest Schooling in your practice and “classroom”, while raising your awareness and confidence of taking learning outdoors. Lastly, we will share little nuggets of how to integrate the FS ways to your own educator journey, but only if you are ready.

Do take note this is an adult only session. No children allowed in session, as we want to focus on all the educators’ personal growth and development.

  • Listening to Nature
    Objective: Pay attention to the details of the environment.
    Learn: Flow with the Environment and experience simple learning moments.
  • Autotelic Crafts
    Objective: Create an expression for no conscious reason.
    Learn: The value of the experience for its own sake.
  • Positioning for Safety
    Objective: Practice the right positions and postures to ensure safety
    Learn: To adjust and manage risk in a dynamic environment
  • STORY Q & A
    Objective: Address inquiries and burning questions from participants
    Learn: Bonus knowledge from the FSS Workshop Trainer on that day. 

Details of the Training

Date: …Loading… (Next one is cooking in the oven)
9:30am to 12:30pm

Location: Mayfair Park – Clementi Forest
Group size: Maximum 15 pax
Requirement: –
Conducted by: FSS Trainers

Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and registration form submitted
Payment Amount: SGD66.00 / pax

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