Full Day Camp 2023

A FULL DAY (8-hours) drop-off camp for older children & tweens. In the FULL DAY CAMP, children are dropped off at point A and head towards point B through a hike/walk across the forest and hills (with lunch provided in between).

For children:

A Full Day Camp (FDC) is a step-up from the usual Half-day camp of FSS camp series. It was inspired by the children of our Overnight HikeCamp (OHC) & Stewards Of Nature (SON). After seeing how much our children absolutely enjoyed themselves having meals & bites together at Hawker Centre, while hiking across much distance through the day, we decided to introduce this Full Day Camp to bring a new flavour to the whole outdoor day-camp experience in Forest School Singapore. For our children, this will provide them a space to experience independence (buying their own food for lunch at the hawker centre, with the fixed allowance given). It will also stretch their physical stamina and capacity, boosting their ability to focus, while also ensuring a healthy physical body that would sleep and eat well after the camp. And to top it off, children/teens will bring back with them memorable moments of their friends and the ever-changing Forest and Hills of the FDC Bukit Hutan route. 

For adults:

Parents will be given a full day (8-hours) to rest and do their own thing, with your child in the safe hands of our coaches. We understand the level of pressure and sometimes lack of rest and recharge for many parents, and we hope this full-day camp will not only be a growth and development for our children, but also a restful recharge for you, parents. 

Direction of the Program

– To build the endurance of our young ones mentally and emotionally.
– To give children & tweens the space to lead their own play and learning.
– To allow for the parents / guardians a full day rest. 

Kiddos from Stewards of Nature Camp in June 2022

Details of the Full- Day Camps

Location: Bukit Hutan Trail (6-7km)
Start –
Dairy Farm Nature Park Carpark A
Lunch – Beauty World Food Court or Bukit Timah Hawker Centre
End – Sunset Way Block 103

Group size:
Maximum 15 pax
Age Group: 7-12 years old
Preparation: Gears & Attire (Click to view)
Requirement: Read FS Practice (Click to View)
Conducted by: FSS Coaching Team (Click to View)

2 JUNE 2023
to 5.00PM
9 slots left
(Last Updated 31 Mar 2023)

Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and Registration form submitted
Payment Amount: SGD 132.00 / pax
(Includes lunch and supply allowance of $10/pax)

For those of you looking at other dates in the future, you can click on the button below to put yourself on our mailing list for future camps(s) that you are interested in attending. We will send you the latest updates when we launch them.

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