History of Forest School Singapore

FSS Summer Training Special

“Context of our Existence”
This module will give anyone who is unfamiliar with Forest School Singapore some context and relational understanding of her journey. Hopefully through the story told, you may find your inspiration and bring it to life.

Content & Agenda of Training Module

(i) 2016 – The Beginning
The early years of FSS. How she started, and the story of the small band of fellowship.

(ii) 2017 – Against all odds
One of the roughest year for FSS. Huge battles weaved upon a deep journey of growth.

(iii) 2018 – Becoming Small
Even amidst such beautiful flow, there lies internal conflicts and politics. This was the year of it…

(iv) 2019 – Guided by our Trees
The year where stories of legends were formed, as our little thornbills caught wind into the rainbow.

(iv) 2020 – Hibernate & Rediscover
We all know what happened this year. So how did FSS respond to the challenges on her plate?

***Note on Keeping an Open Mind
What you learn must not be taken as the fact or the only truth in your learning journey. It should serve as a guiding force/direction to your understanding. It is your prerogative to focus on where you can relate and learn better.

Details of the Training

Type: Theory
 Thursday (10-Jun / 17-Jun / 24-Jun)
Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Location: Online (Google Meet)
Group size: Maximum 20 pax per class
Requirement: A Google email account
Conducted by: Darren (Principal & Founder)

Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and registration form submitted
Payment Duration: N.A.
Payment Amount: Pay-as-you-want (You can indicate your amount in the form)

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