How to Carry on the FS Practice Outside of FSS?

Children spend 3-4 hours a week in Forest School. The rest of their time is spent with their families and their greater extended village which parents and guardians thoughtfully supports them with. We do hope some of the positive and healthy practices that our children experience in Forest School Singapore can be further enhanced when they are outside Forest School. Same goes for parents, coaches and our community. Hence here are some of the little tips on how we can carry on FS practice outside of Forest School sessions.

  1. Have children pack their own bags for Forest School sessions:

    – This would encourage our young ones to take ownership of their experience, and also share the consequences of their decision, good or bad. (As long as it is not of a safety concern)

  2. Listen to their stories after a Forest School sessions:

    – Most children would have plenty of stories from their session, our children’s “Report Cards” are actually kept preciously in their stories. Through actively listening to them, we will be able to realise their development and challenges.

3. Go out on Walks as a Family in the Parks & Let your FS-going child lead the walk:

– As a child who has been through Forest School, we believe our children have the awareness and capacity to take their families to Walks in Nature. This practice empowers our children, and shows that we believe in them. 

Let’s start with these 3 simple ones first. For those of you who are ready and wish to explore other Forest School supportive practices, you can visit this page for guidance (Click to view):


Also below are some resources that we feel will help you better understand the Forest School approach, moments and challenges (Click to View): 

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