For Team: Journey of FSS Coach

This is a brief guideline on your possible journey with us.


(!) Attend Forest School Singapore Training
– Attend one of the modular FSS training with us

~~~Objective: Familiarize yourself with our Coordination and System. 

After your First FSS Training, you will be invited to…

(1) Join the Volunteer Coach Team
– You will have access to Forest School Singapore materials.
– You will be added to our V-Coach communication channels.
– You will be coordinated to undergo TWO voluntary Attachments

~~~Objective: Familiarize yourself with our Coordination and System. 

During the TWO Attachment, you will be

(2) Learning on-the-ground
– You will experience first-hand what it is like in a Forest School session.
– You will shadow the coaches and learn the responsibilities of being a coach

~~~Objective: Familiarize yourself with the Forest School ways in Practice

After the TWO Attachment, you will be

(3) Welcome to continue with us
– You will continue to be deployed in various session that which you can and want, based on availability.
– You will be supporting the Forest School community as a Volunteer Coach.

*** However, if you wish to not continue as a Volunteer Coach, you are welcome to exit the group and channels of Forest School Singapore as well. No offense taken.

~~~Objective: Familiarize yourself with the Forest School ways in Theory & Approach

We will promote volunteers into the core team, based on the coach/es involvement, readiness, contribution and availability. The promotion will be discussed and mutually agreed between all of us

What is it like…

(4) Becoming a Core Coach
– You will sign a one-year part-time contract with us, that renews yearly.
– You will have access to Forest School Singapore’s plannings and media.
– You will be added to our C-Coach communication channels.
– You will undergo a on-boarding video call with our managers.
– You will be equipped with:

~~~Objective: Support Forest School programs Safely

Initial uncertainty will direct you to… 

(5) Growing as a Coach (Guidelines & Milestones)

– You are accountable to the documentation of your sessions.
– You deliver the briefings and debriefs of your sessions.
– You communicate with parents about our sessions.

– You made at least one mistake as a coach in your sessions.
– You take initiative to find out what you don’t know.

– You are able to step back, to allow children to resolve on their own.
– You are able to flow with the sessions, with less struggle of control.
– You are able to be patient with the events in your sessions.

~~~Objective: Lead Forest School programs Confidently

The new found confidence will help you explore…

(6) Evolving as a Leader (Guidelines & Milestones)

– You are able to see your reflection in your sessions.
– You find the flaws and vulnerability in your sessions.
– You act on resolution with a contextual understanding.

– You see a change in your usage of words and actions
– You find a higher realization and awareness of yourself.
– You are aware of the changes in you environment.

– You will be able to confidently guide other coaches in Forest School ways.
– You are able to influence and affect your own community with the FS ways.
– You find trust in your subconscious abilities and wisdom.

~~~Objective: Guide your community Authentically with Wisdom

All good things come to an end,…

(7) Exit the Forest, Enter the Milky Way
– You will be ready to leave the Forest School Singapore community at this stage, as you would have attain a point where your “Journey of FSS Coach” would need you to chart down another path for your growth. Forest School Singapore’s door will always be open for you.

~~~Objective: Leave Forest School Singapore with Generous Beautifully


With that, the journey of FSS coach will adjourn till life calls for it.

– Forest School Singapore
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