Justification of Continuity (COVID19)

To justify the continuing of FSS and other outdoor and transient programs amidst the Pandemic.

ENVIRONMENT: Outdoors & Elements

With the introduction of P2HA between 22-Jul and 18-Aug, we have endeavoured to take a step back from conducting our Forest School Singapore programs. 

As a program that runs in Natural outdoor spaces, we would like to vouch for the outdoors and natural areas as go-to spaces to be in for all children educational programs –  where else would be a better space than a well-ventilated and weather-sanitised location of Nature and the greater outdoors? In the outdoors and Natural environment, the space is well-managed and “cleaned” by Mother Nature and her elements, elaborated as follows: 

Sunlight has been proven to make a big difference to the infectious ability of almost all creatures of Mother Nature

In addition, the environment also benefits from the rainfall and flow of water to cleanse the environment. 

The wind also helps in the clearance of the space – to renew and re-vitalise the natural environment. 

Last but not least, our organic creatures and the amount of energy that they generate helps to create the balance in Nature. 

In addition to the elements within nature, there also exists evidence from the World Health Organisation, which further supports the suitability of the natural environment for conducting programs for children.. 

World Health Organization (WHO)

The COVID-19 virus is reported to spread easily within indoor spaces, especially in settings with poor ventilation. Watch this video to find out why: https://fb.watch/77cZ4qC4Df/

This is a short video by WHO sharing how location, proximity and time can help one to make safer choices when you’re in an area of widespread COVID-19 transmission: https://fb.watch/77dioA4iiZ/

Keeping the key points of the video above in mind, we would like to share the location,  proximity and time details for programs conducted in Forest School Singapore: 

  1. Location: Forest School Singapore programs are fully outdoors. Busking amongst the weather. 
  2. Proximity: Our groups are usually spread out across the places that they interact in. 
  3. Time:  In the duration of time in the session, participants are largely moving around from place to place, very little time is spent on one-location alone. 

EDUCATION: Characteristic & Believe

With the continued operations of indoor enrichment programs and mainstream schools, where facilities are static and indoors, outdoor programs with the abovementioned factors should have lowered risks of transmission in accordance with WHO.

If all of them are allowed even with the huge amount of risk for infection, then outdoor programs that are able to be as what WHO mentioned above should be more than safe to continue.

Ministry of Education (Singapore)



Lastly, we have a comprehensive Framework that is put in place to allow our sessions to be conducted in-line with the Safe Management Measures, as well safeguard the health and safety of our community during this pandemic period. 

We are confident of our environment and community in our ability to watch over each other, protect and ensure that we build a robust checking process. 

With these preparations and discussions with the various stakeholders, we are confident of continuing our programs with necessary adjustments in accordance to the on-going pandemic. 

For anyone who is reading this document, and wishes to better support our community, are welcome to email to us at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com to chip in with your contribution and effort. But if you are going to be here just to criticise us but not willing to contribute in action to the adjustment, growth and correction of our community, then I will say buzz off. Either we are in it together through good and bad, or don’t be part of it.

Written by Darren Quek, Principal of Forest School Singapore

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