Module 18: Meeting Teacher Timmy

“Endurance by the Distance”
This module is an experiential learning journey where we will be meeting Teacher Timmy in the Journey. Walking with Teacher Timmy is one of the most challenging walks you will take. You will be taking a long journey, in the middle of the night, from dusk to dawn. Through the process you will be developing multiple facet of human endurance, adaptability and natural test of your emotions and strength, through the fatigue, responsibility and empowerment from the long walk

Content & Agenda of Training Module


Develop a balance level of grit and endurance through pushing our body

***Note on Keeping an Open Mind
What you learn must not be taken as the fact or the only truth in your learning journey. It should serve as a guiding force/direction to your understanding. It is your prerogative to focus on where you can relate and learn better.

Details of the Training

Type: Practical – Intrinsic
Selected Weekends
Time: 11.00pm to 5.00am (6-hour)
Location: Southern Coast Trail
(Start: Harbourfront)
(End: West Coast Park)
Group size: Maximum 14 pax
Requirement: –
Conducted by: Master Coach

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Payment Duration: N.A.
Payment Amount: Pay-as-you-want (You can indicate your amount in the form)

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