FSNews: New Payment Policy 06-2019

With the growing movment and group sizes in the regular forest school session, we have also seen some of the challenges of ensuring consistency in the forest school sessions, so as to allow our children and families to feel the bond and connection with the environment. We have run through the new policy through 3 layers of discussion and reviews, from Principal to Managers to Coaches, within the Forest School Singapore Team. Please read the poster below for the changes ahead.

New Payment Policy.png

From 15 June 2019, onwards, we will be require new registrations for regular weekly forest school session, to pay a 3-month fee, together with the Deposit and Registration Fees.

E.g. New Registration for FS Friday in August 2019
Fee: $40/pax/session
From August to October, there are 13-Friday session in total
Registration Fee: $50
Deposit: $100
Total Bill for the first 3 months: ($40 x 13 ) +$50 +$100 = $670 

Consistency in the first 3-months is important to ensure that the child forms the relationship he or she requires to continue his/her journey in the natural environment and with her coaches and friends. We believe that relationship are the key behind growth, learning and development.


Information & Poster has been compiled by 
Vice Principal, Coach Germaine

Article Written by 
Principal, Coach Darren

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