(17-Jun) Forest School Open House

Edition #3 : Meeting Allegra and Alexius

Come join us at one of the campus “classroom” of Forest School Singapore Hutan Campus, to experience one of our environment. We welcome all individuals / families who are interested in the Forest School ways, especially those who wants to sign up for our weekly session and holiday camps. You can find out more about what and how we do it, by chatting with our Practitioner (Darren) and Administrator (Zoe). We will also have fellow forest school families and children who will be co-guides of the open house, that you can find out more from as well. Your children are welcome to explore the “classroom” and play during the Open House, while you chat and consult with us.

Phoebe, Alexius, Allegra, Zoe & Darren

*** For this edition, we are honoured and really excited to have our friend Alexius Yeo and his adorable daughter Allegra to come join us for the event. Allegra is raised Forest School style right from Birth, as both her parents are verse with the Forest School ways. Alexius was a pioneer of the Permaculture & Urban Farming movement in Singapore, and was one of the early fellowship Darren made when embarking on the Forest School Journey. He attended our first ever Forest School Leadership programme in 2017. Allegra’s mummy, Phoebe, was an ex-MOE teacher, who started her own Tuition business, and came to become a full fledge Forest School Level 3 Practitioner in 2019. She was one of our coach from 2018-20. Alexius and Phoebe got married in 2020, and had Allegra in 2021. They have been raising her in a really authentic forest school style (Allegra goes outdoor almost every morning). Phoebe has been documenting Allegra growing years since her birth. Darren, Zoe, Phoebe and Alexius, friendship and marriages can really be said to be a product of the Forest School Journey, haha.


DATE: 17 JUNE 2023, Saturday
TIME: 9.00AM – 11.30AM
LOCATION: Boulder Playground @ Holland Linear Green Park
(beside the Man-made Cascading Waterfall)

🎫 As this is a free and easy open house, no fees, registration or sign up will be required.
🚪 You can join in & exit the event anytime between the duration of the Open House.
🧭 You will have to find your way to the “classroom”.
(We have included a short video (https://fb.watch/k0DVV9-wt0/) on how to get there. Have fun.)
🌦️ It will be a rain or shine event

See you there =)

Shelter of Boulder Playground @ Holland Linear Green Park

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