Open House: Intro to Forest School

“Intro to Forest School: For Parents” workshop is a half day introduction for Adults, specifically parents.

“Intro to Forest School: For Parents” was initiated so that we can educate and create an awareness amongst parents about how to bring our children outdoor, in nature while at the same time letting go, to allow them to experience nature freely.  Participants will be able to better understand the ways of Forest School, through the workshop journey to further expand their own parenting ways.

This is a platform for parents to find out how forest school works in Singapore. It is also a introduction for families who wish to join Forest School sessions and programs in future to have a snippet experience of the Forest School Singapore ways. You are welcome to prepare and raise burning questions that which you have for us.

Contents that will be covered includes: 

Introduction of Forest School way
Tour around the “Dairy Farm House” Campus
A walk through of the Forest School day
Sharings by the Workshop Conductor
Q & A with Workshop Conductor

*We suggest you read our articles and watch our videos/picture on facebooks, so that you can come to the session with questions for the workshops.

FSWS Seminar

Date: Selected Saturday
Time: 9.30am to 11.00am
Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park (Click to view)
Group size: Maximum 15 pax (Small Group Size) 
Age Group: Adults Only
Preparation: Gears & Attire (Click to view)
Requirement: Parents have to read FS Practice (Click to View)
Conducted by: Principal Coach Darren (Team Profile)

Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and registration form submitted
Payment Duration: N.A.
Payment Amount: SGD10.00 / pax


You can give your details below if you are interested and we will inform you when the workshop is open for registration.

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