Overnight Hike – Winter (Dec 2022)

An Overnight Hike (drop-off) program for children & teens

In the overnight hike, children are dropped off at point A and head towards point B through a hike/walk across the night into the dawn of the day.

For children:
An overnight hike is probably one of the most challenging and exciting event in a child’s life. In OHC, our tweens/children will be taking a long journey, in the middle of the night, from dusk to dawn. In this hikecamp, they will be developing multiple facet of human endurance, adaptability and natural test of their emotions and strength, through the fatigue, responsibility and empowerment they will experience in a long-walk through the night. In the light of the amount of  challenges that our children face as they progress from the kid at 7-year-old to the hormonal swings of 10-year-old, and then the National Level Stress of 12-year-old PSLE, we see the OHC as an avenue for our young ones to walk together through a journey that will build their character and mental capacity to face the challenges ahead. Through the process our young ones break down their social understanding of themselves, and build an internal strength and awareness of who they are inside.

For adults:
Parents will be given a full night of me-time to rest and recharge, with your child in the safe hands of our coaches. We understand the level of pressure and sometimes lack of rest and recharge for many parents, and we hope this Overnight Hike, will not only be a growth and development for our children, but also a restful recharge for parents.

Direction of the Program

– To develop the endurance of our young ones mentally and emotionally
– To attain a self-realisation for our young ones
– To allow for the parents / guardians a night of rest

Teens and Children from the Overnight Hike (2020)

Details of the Overnight Hike

Name of CampDateDayTime
OHC South (03-Dec)
*All slots filled
03 DecSaturday to Sunday8.00pm – 8.00am
Southern Ridges Trail
Start Harbourfront MRT
(Marang Trail)
End West Coast Park
How to get thereSRT‘s Gathering & Pick-Up
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Group size: Maximum 15 pax
Age Group: 9-14
years old
Preparation: Overnight Gears & Attire 
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Requirement: Read FS Practice 
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Conducted by: FSS Coaching Team
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Registration Confirmed When: Payment is made, and Registration form submitted
Payment Amount: SGD 210.00 / pax

Please note that you will be able to see the availability of the number of slots in each workshop after the registration form is submitted. Please note that registration without payment is invalid.

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