Overnight Preparation

Objective of the Attire and Gears preparation:
(Prevent catching cold from being drenched)
Prevent excessive slips
Prevent Mozzie Bite
Prevent Insect Bites
Prevent heat exhaustion


(Provide cover for heat and insects)
Airy T-shirt

(Allow mobility and protection)
Track Pants,
Shorts with Inner Tights

Trekking Shoes/Boots,
Wet Shoe/Booties.

2D1N HikeCamp Bagpack Items (All the items should be carried at all times)
Preferable have the participant pack this list by themselves so they would know where and what they have. 

1 x Medium Bagpack (No wet wipes*)
🚶🏻‍♀️ Avoid packing beyond the weight of child
1 x Poncho / Raincoat (Avoid umbrella)

1 x Water Bottle
(500ml at least)
1 x Snack
(Lunch Box Preferably*)
1 x Insect Repellent & Medication (No Patch*)
➕ Please bring along any medical assist if applicable (e.g. inhalers)

1 x Set of Top, Bottom, Underwear and Towel
1 x Slippers / Sandals

2 x Ziplock Bags
(A4 size preferably)
1 x Headtorch / Torchlight

*We are introducing an initiative to run our forest school programs with an eco-friendly approach. Wet wipes are not advised as it will drop out of their bag or hands in the midst of the session by some of our kids (Alternatively we suggest using water to wash instead). Mozzie Patches are not advised because it tend to drop into the forest space, after our children bundle around in the woods. (Alternatively, we suggest using mosquito repellent spray outside the park before entering)

Objective of the Food & Lodging information:
To inform everyone of what to expect
To understand the training and development aspect
To understand the conditions and resources

Overnight Hike
Hike from “Point-A to Point-B” from dusk till dawn
Participants will not be sleeping in this program. Only naps during breaks.
Participants will be purchasing their own food/supply with the budget given by us. They will learn how to manage their budget for the Hike. (Anyone with specific dietary restriction are advised to bring their own Food)