Resumption of Forest School Programmes from 20th August 2021

safe-distancing demonstrated by the FSS kids

In light of the easing of phase 2 measures, all Forest School programmes including regular sessions, family walks, holiday camps, workshops, and projects will resume starting from 20 August 2021, Friday. The continuation of our Forest School programmes will be conducted in a careful and safe manner which includes measures such as group size management & the use of tactical movements. You may refer to our continuation framework for more information.

Parents who are currently enrolled in our regular sessions and workshops will be receiving an email regarding our restart plan by 11 August. If you do not receive an email by 11 August, you can email us at to enquire further. Weekly Forest School session families will also be updated by the coaches through the WhatsApp group that you are in.

Health Declaration 🙋🏻‍♂️

In the event that you or your child have issues related to Covid-19 that require our attention (i.e. received SMS to be under observation for symptoms or invitation for swab test), please responsibly inform us via this Health Declaration form

You may read our Justification of Continuity to understand our reasons for the continuation of FSS and other outdoor and transient programmes amidst the Pandemic.

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