Updated as of 30 September 2019

1. All the rows highlighted black denotes the week that Forest School Singapore will be taking a break. And there will be NO regular sessions/programs during those weeks. 

Weekly Forest School (Click Here)
1. Forest School runs throughout the year (~ 40-weeks)
2. There will be no classes on public holidays, and local school holiday period

WORKSHOPS (Click here)
1. All workshop will be launched via the FOREST SCHOOL WORKSHOPS page
2. Fix range of workshops will happen every 2nd week of the month. 

Holiday Camps
1. Registration Opens on Designated date for each Season 
2. Details of the Camps will be announce along with the Registration
3. Camps will be conducted in 3-days block
4. There will be 2 blocks per week (Mon-Wed & Wed-Fri)

Legend for reading the Schedule
– Red denotes Public Holiday
– Orange denotes Forest School Regular Sessions
– Blue denotes Forest School Holiday Camps

January – March20190928_112821

Special Term


Latest Update on Plans for Special Term (as of 17-June): Click to View

October – December


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