Updated as of 23 May 2022

The schedules presented here are accurate to a large extent. Only in the case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances do we update and change the schedule for the year. 

Here is a brief understanding of the programs presented on the schedule:

Weekly Forest School (Click here)
Weekly Forest School runs throughout the year
Enrolment happens Twice a year

Legend for reading the Schedule
Red denotes Public Holiday
Green denotes Weekly Sessions

FIRST SEMESTER | 3 January – 26 June

SECOND SEMESTER | 27 June – 25 December

Rest for Us
Forest School Singapore will take a rest on the week of: 
26 December 2022 – 1 January 2023
No Programs will be run during that week.

Family Walks | One-Day Camps | Special Camps

Adult | Online | Practical | Knowledge | Awarens

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