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as of 5 May 2022

The sister community is a fellowship of groups and people who we have connected with and find that we share similar values and passion for the community whether in the arts, nature, education, music or more.  The Sister Community was started because we didnt want to feel alone in this journey to make a difference to our communities. It was that simple. Hence being in this group require no fees, condition or commitment.

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Forest School @ Lower Pierce, Singapore (FS)

We are a child led and experiential school. A space where children are free to be. Where children take charge of their own learning and come up with their own thoughts. Where they discover who they are, what they like and what they want.
Started and led by Mindy Tan.
(Sister Community – children)

Nature Explorers School, Singapore (FS)

At Nature Explorers School, they believe in a child-led way of learning and that being outdoors and close to nature is the best way to develop a child holistically. As everyone is unique with different strengths and different preferred ways of learning, so the way we teach children also needs to be customised to their abilities. Their experienced coaches will engage children with a scaffolding approach, which means allowing them space to try on their own and knowing when to introduce new insights and skills. They want children to trust their instincts and do their own risk assessments, while observing them with a watchful eye. When children have time to do things that they enjoy, they develop a better sense of identity, better self esteem and gain a more positive outlook of life in general.
Started and led by Jenson Ong.
(Sister Community – children)

Roots and Boots Pte Ltd, Singapore (FS)

An urban forest school that reflects the unique approach to outdoor learning through forest school philosophy and inquiry-based exploration. Adapting to Singapore’s urban landscape and society, classes are run in parks and beaches in various parts of our city. Roots and Boots believes that a deeper understanding of ourselves as well as the world we live in can be gained through time spent in the natural environment. They advocate for the competent child, who is able to take ownership of his/her own learning and make a difference in the community and natural world.
Started and led by Drizzle Hshieh and Melissa Wu.
( Sister Community – children, families, educators, organisations )

Forest Adventure Club, Singapore (FS)

Forest Adventure Club is an authentic child-led Forest School run at various nature reserves and spaces across Singapore. Each place is a unique sanctuary for children of all ages to connect with nature and explore freely, making their own adventures along the way. One by one they empower independent, curious, resilient and self aware children to look after themselves, each other and our natural world.
Co-founded and led by Kelly Goddard
(Sister Community – children, families)

Longkang Adventures, Singapore (FS)

Longkang Adventures has committed itself to provide the opportunity for kids to be in touch with their “kidself”. The lack of play these days has steered Longkang Adventures to embark on a mission to fulfill one’s childhood.
Founded and led by Akasha A.Rahman
(Sister Community – children, adults, families)

Kidz Treehouse, Singapore (FS)

Kidz Treehouse provides a unique Care Programme and Authentic Learning Experience to young learners via an Eco-Centric Learning Environment. Kidz Treehouse began in 2007 to educate children on sustainability and enhance their awareness in environmental issues. With more than 13 years of extensive research and experience in the education industry, our education philosophy aims to provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment that meets every child’s developmental needs. Through the Forest School Learning approach, Kidz Treehouse develops learners to become confident, creative, resilient and unique individuals, ready to take on 21st Century challenges. 
Founded and led by Taufiq and Suliani
(Sister Community – children, families)

Outdoor School Singapore, Singapore (FS)

Outdoor School Singapore works with schools, parents and organizations to extend children learning beyond the four walls of a regular classroom. This multi-sensory experience with nature, brings our young explorers through an enjoyable, creative and adventurous learning journey, allowing them to develop their Risk Taking, Resilience and Responsibility, growing into confident and responsible global citizens who value and appreciate the natural environment.
Led by Ann Phang.
(Sister Community – children, family, schools, organisations)

Natural Instinct Outdoor Academy, Singapore (FS)

At Natural Instinct Outdoor Academy, we believe that every teaching moment should be meaningful, and every interaction with nature should be engaging. It is important for children to develop a positive connection with nature as well as enhancing their physical abilities through our fitness approach. Our age-appropriate programmes are specifically designed to instill a broad array of skills that will improve their development and love for nature as we endeavour to create a colourful and stimulating learning experience for our younger generations.
Founded and Led by Jonathan Chua
(Sister Community – adults, children)

Animals & Us Academy, Singapore (Animals-Nature)

The Animals & Us Academy is created by a group of veterinarians and educators with the mission to raise the ‘animal literacy’ of our children and youth and to develop the next generation of stewards of our natural world by promoting connection, care and empathy for all creatures great and small.
Founded and led by Dr. Han Zi Yang and Dr. Teo Boon Han
(Sister Community – children, adults, families)

Young Nautilus, Singapore (Coastal-Nature)

Founded by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology, Young Nautilus is an education enrichment partner for schools and families that provide fun and engaging nature-centric learning journeys. By fostering a deeper understanding of the world and the dynamic changes that shape it, we enrich what are taught in the MOE syllabus through application- and inquiry-based activities.
Founded and led by Ng Lee Kiang & Marcus Chew
(Sister Community – youth, adults, children, families, organisations & institutions)

Centre for Nature Literacy & Enterprise (CNLE), Singapore (Farm-Nature)

A centre of creativity at the forefront of nature education and nature-based entrepreneurship. With a mission to empower individuals by establishing connection and sensitivity to Nature and Community.
Started and led by Alexius Yeo.
(Sister Community – youth, adults, children, families, organisations)

Little Wildflowers, Singapore (Waldorf-Nature)

They are a nature schooling initiative based on the Steiner-Waldorf approach. They explore and play in the parklands and rainforests of Singapore. They are teachers who are in a good space and supported by a community of family who back the Waldorf way.
Led by Karen Quek & Nancy Ng
(Sister Community – children)

Wild Dot, Singapore (Art-Nature)

Wild Dot makes botanical inks and watercolours from plants and hortiwaste in Singapore. We use the traditional craft of ink-/art-making with Nature as a medium of engagement for people to learn more about the plants we share our space with, and in the long-term to grow deeper sense of connection with Nature. We currently hold botanical ink-making with Nature sessions for adults where we share our process of working with natural pigments.
Founded and Led by Shirin & Liz
(Sister Community – adults, children, families)

Nurtured Nest, Singapore (Reggio-FS)

They run a Reggio Forest School and their main aim is to fully immerse children in learning in the natural world and to equip them with rich learning experiences, and knowledge of ecological literacy as well as healthy living by connecting them to nature. Their nature-rich environment is where children lead their learning with a focus with all their five senses. A large part of the curriculum focuses on Sustainability and Ecological Knowledge.
Founded and Led by Sheena
(Sister Community – children)


The Beach School, Malaysia, Port Dickson (Nature School)

Their motto is conservation through education. The audience are children and their family members. Here they are happy to be part of families and contributing to children’s character building and fond childhood memories through various organised activities. Here they promote nature and close the gap of knowledge between the great water world and the shores of our land.
Founded and led by Kent Leong
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, families)

KL Forest Tribe Junior, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Initiative)

The forest school of KL, situated at Janda Baik, in Radiant Resort. This is where kids transform their worlds by just being the best version of themselves.
Started and led by Sharifah Nurzura Albaiti
(Sister Community – children, families)

Forest of Stars: A Creative Space for Kids, Malaysia, Johor Bahru (Pre-School)

Forest of Stars was established in 2012 as a space to honour childhood, to welcome children to come as they are, and to just be. They are a preschool, a toddler atelier and a Creative Drama centre. It is their belief that children are strong, competent citizens with rights, and that they co-construct knowledge about their worlds through their natural curiosities and wonder. They strive to provide a safe, stimulating space for children to encounter a rich variety of materials, concepts and ideas. Learning is authentic, meaningful and not compartmentalised. Children are encouraged to express themselves in a multitude of symbolic languages, and to interweave imagination and rationality as they are empowered to contribute to shared knowledge, to imagine new realities, and to be change-makers.
Started and led by Jessica Lam
(Sister Community – children, families)

ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Forest School, Hong Kong (International School)

Forest School at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen aims to give students frequent and regular access to the outdoors. The programme’s ethos is based on the principles of self-initiated, inquiry based learning using the natural world. It is designed to give students a deep, rich and meaningful learning experience that cannot be done inside a classroom.
Led by Ho Mei
(Sister Community – children, youth)

Forest School Education, United Kingdom

Running over 60 training courses per year, FSE are the world’s most experienced Forest School training provider with over 15 years of helping educators to change the lives of those around them.
(The Training School and UK Family for Forest School Singapore)



Cher V, Singapore (Tuiton)

It is Home based Education group focus on developing academics through the character building, and understanding of family dynamic.
Started and led by Vivian Lum
(Sister Community – youth)

Brain Matter, Singapore (Tuition)

At Brain Matter (Tuition), they believe that students are defined by their Purpose and Growth. To achieve this, their teachers are Values-Driven and Professional, building a Positive and Fun culture that inspires Meaningful Learning and Character Excellence.
Started and led by Phoebe Yee
(Sister Community – youth)

Vitamin M, Singapore (Mandarin Language Learning)

Vitamin M is a brand new, exciting online education platform that inspires the learning of Mandarin. We design high quality interactive video content suitable for self-directed learning, and we also conduct online live classes that engage and entertain learners. Lesson materials are crafted according to MOE Chinese syllabus, suitable for students from P3-P6 level. Our mission to nurture confident Mandarin speakers with critical thinking skills.
Started and led by Ang Aik Heng and Goh Ying Sheng
(Sister Community – children, adults)


Castle Can Fly, Singapore (creativity)

Started in 1993, a simple man, a simple dream & an extraordinary story of family dream come true in New York, USA in 1997. In 2003, the only castle building in the world, sitting on the beach was built.
Castle Beach is a social entreprise that that is 100% dedicated to the joy of sandcastle building & life lessons, experiential education program “Castles Can Fly”. CCF is also in Hong Kong, Penang, Brunei, Mauritius.
Founded and led by Alvin Lee
(Sister Community – adults, children, families)

Whyte Labs, Singapore (robotics)

Whyte Labs is a young robotics startup, pioneering a unique approach to teaching kids and adults, how to build their own animal-like, walking robots, completely from scratch. Founded in 2020 by two robotics researchers and entrepreneurs, our exploration-based pedagogy builds on years of award-winning work, developing bio-inspired robots for disaster response missions. We are out to build a community of DIY robotics tinkerers and equip anyone with an idea with the tools and confidence to prototype bring their own vision and ideas to life.
Founded and Led by Aditya Kapoor & Jeremy Koh
(Sister Community – children, adults, youth, organisations)

Ground Up Innovation, Singapore (projects)

Growing Grounded Innovators through Nature, Technology & Community. To unlock the world’s creativity, rich heritage & collective wisdom from the ground up towards a more resilient, healthier yet co-creative future
Started and led by Ibnur Rashad
(Sister Community – children, adults, youth, organisations)

Saturday Kids & Doyobi Singapore (coding)

Saturday Kids is a curiosity school for kids. We help kids become curious, self-directed learners through STEM education. No lectures. No memorisation. No ONE right answer. Like real life, we’re all about trying things out yourself, failing, figuring what went wrong & trying again. These are the skills & mindset that will last a lifetime and how we learn in real life. Let’s get kids to learn how to learn. Because the kids who learn to learn become curious, inventive, resourceful human beings who solve real world problems to make a meaningful impact.
Founded and Led by John Tan
(Sister Community – children, youth, organisations)

In our live online courses, we equip children ages 9-15 years old with future skills. Designed in collaboration with successful founders building the next big thing (e.g. CSO of Ninja Van, CEO of Glints). 65% of kids will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. Yet mainstream education is still teaching kids the same math, science, history etc you and I were taught decades ago. Clearly, schools are not doing enough to prepare kids for jobs of the future.The best way to predict the future is to invent it. The next best way? Ask the people inventing it. Doyobi helps children acquire skills based on the 6 C’s of 21st Century Education – Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Citizenship, Character.
Founded and Led by John Tan
(Sister Community – children, youth, organisations)

Learner Net, Singapore (online platform)

Learner Net is an online platform that promotes online classes and workshops, covering both academic and non-academic fields. With learners and teachers from over 10 countries, Learner Net connects every child to the skills of tomorrow, via an open social learning platform based in Singapore that reinvents engagement with AI and blockchain.
Co-Led by Jane
(Sister Community – children, organisations)


MOVE Academy Singapore, Singapore (Parkour)

Previously known as ADD Academy Singapore, MOVE Academy Singapore aims to make the Yamakasi founders’ experience accessible to everyone. The academy’s curriculum is based on an innovative training programme that uses body weight training for applications in movement — running, climbing, jumping and vaulting, among many other techniques adapted to all levels of fitness, regardless of background, age and gender.
Led by Shie Boon
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, elderly)

Ashton Movements, Singapore (Parkour)

Ashton Movement is a leading performance agency in Singapore specializing in a wide range of body movement disciplines such as free running and parkour. Their services include performances, stunt works, choreography, photo shoots and many others, provided by more than ten skilled self-taught performers who are seniors in the local parkour and free running community.
Started and led by Ashton Law
(Sister Community – children, adults, youth, organisations)

Coach Ling (Buddy Sports), Singapore (Swimming)

The programs are based on the concept of having a BUDDY. Someone who brings you joy and companionship. Someone you can trust. And to be buddies in the learning journey together. Dedicated BUDDY coaches believe in progressive learning. We follow structured lessons that have clear objectives and outcomes. However they do not believe in one-size fits all approach. All sports programmes here will be conducted in small groups to allow for customisation. Students will get to learn at their own pace to achieve success in sports.
Started and led by Ling Yao Hui
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, families)


The Learning Connections, Singapore (Drama & Expression)

The Learning Connections (TLC) is founded by Juliet and Elaine who started the social-enterprise in November 2009 based on their strong belief that arts education is imperative to children’s holistic development and it should be introduced at a very young age. TLC was built on their passion to bring arts to the lives of children from all backgrounds rooted in their “No Child Left Behind” philosophy.
Founded and Led by Elaine & Juliet
(Sister Community – children)

Play2see, Singapore (Creativity)

Play2see is a unique program for kids who are unique in the way they think, move and interact with others. From Art to Sciences, meet with games, visits to museums-ups with experts and their own 5 senses curriculum, the children develop confidence and learn how to articulate their thoughts and get inspired. Their mission is to give children an opportunity to brainstorm and assert themselves within a mindful and inspiring environment.
Founded and Led by Stephanie Tahiri
(Sister Community – children)

The Dimple Loft, Singapore (Film)

They combine the filmic arts with the Reggio pedagogy, that is child-centered and wconstructivist. They believe in self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments, which is why we work with partners and the community to deliver a rich and diverse learning experience. At The Dimple Loft, children get to design, style, play, mould, paint, act, write, sing, dance — and watch how their imaginative efforts come to life!
Started and led by Joanne Peh
(Sister Community – children)

Body Stories, Singapore (Dance)

Body Stories is a community project and life movement that started since January 2021. A series of weekly movement / dance sessions with people from different walks of life, in various nature spots across our island. The roots of this body practice lie in somatics, improvisation, and real-time composition. We connect with our creative life force and awaken the Wild Child & Wild Spirit in us – with Nature and Embodied Movement. An invitation to all who are curious about listening to their body stories. Individuals, private groups and organisations are welcome. To remember…
Every body has a story.
Every story has a place.
And every place has a spirit.
Started and led by Ong Cheryl
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, families)

Quek See Yee / Wooehboeh, Singapore (Creation)

This is See Yee. She is a multidisciplinary designer. Her work spans across furniture, products, installations and spaces. Always seeking means to create a provocation of the senses and ways of making us discern the world afresh. As an experience Forest School coach, she has the ability to realise the potential of children through creative moments. Currently open to freelance projects and collaborations.
Founded & Led by Quek See Yee
(Sister Community – children, adults, organisations)


Nousound Academy, Singapore (Instruments)

Traditional music lessons can teach you how to be a great soloist. But as musicians they know that there’s nothing like making music together. That’s why Nousound don’t just cultivate their students’ abilities as solo instrumentalists, they also equip them with the know-how and the confidence to play in a musical ensemble. To build well-rounded musicians, the school offers one-on-one speciality classes, group classes, as well as the signature Nousound Ensemble classes, where students can gain valuable hands-on experience in learning how to play in a band. The teaching approach is always fun and student-led, resulting in a relaxed learning environment where students can develop their musical skills while having a great time, too! Nousound – your community of sound.
Co-founded & Led by Foo Chuan Hao & Richard Wilbert Suzuki
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults)

Rhythm Dojo, Singapore (Drums)

With a decade of teaching experience under our belts, our seasoned instructional style is tailored to the individual needs of each student — helping them achieve their potential, while having fun at the same time!
“I began drumming from the support of my parents, and somehow stumbled into education. i have not looked back since! when we teach, two people learn!”
Founded & Led by Foo Chuan Hao
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults)

Asalato Singapore, Singapore (Asalato)

Asalato Singapore is the first asalato distributor in Singapore and they believe that the world of music and rhythm belongs to everyone. Asalato Singapore aim to reach out to all ages by using this humble instrument to engage, communicate and encourage creativity through sharing the charms of playing this rhythmic instrument, the asalato. “There is a time to hold on and a time to release” – they share the ideals of playing an asalato as one grab and release the gourds at calculated time to create rhythm. There is still so much room to explore in the world of rhythm.
Founded and Led by Madeline
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults)



Sprouting Seeds, Singapore (children)

It is an Outreach Initiative promoting simple nature play, hand making toys & connecting through stories, songs and rhymes.
Started led by Annabelle & Mong Teng
(Sister Community – children)

Nuts and Bolts Singapore, Singapore (children toys)

At Nuts and Bolts, we believe that “toys” should not be designed to define a singular mode of play. Instead, the child should take the lead in defining the different ways in which a play object can be used. Relying on the natural texture of wood and loose parts to inspire open-ended play, we present parents and educators an organic approach in driving a child’s creative play.
Founded and Led by Wei Xuan
(Sister Community – children, schools, families)

Anupa Roy, Singapore (author)

Author of young adults’ and children’s books; especially creative non fiction in human Nature interactions, Nature and historical fiction. Content Writer especially for magazines and web content especially Nature environment related. Freelance on content development and information work. A Nature storyteller as well.
Led by Anupa Roy
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, organisations)

RealEase, Singapore (wellness)

They firmly believe that our body is designed to heal itself and the mission is to facilitate and empower people to heal themselves. SFT is a powerful yet gentle healing modality that facilitates healing via the nervous system and consists of light touches on specific areas of the spine we call access points without manipulation, popping or cracking. SFT facilitates a full rewiring of the brain and the body relearns what it already knew, to begin with — how to self-heal. SFT has helped with recovery from chronic headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive complaints, stress, depression and more. They’ve also seen tremendous improvements in autism symptoms.
Founded and Led by Rowena Choo & David Thoo
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults)

The Affirmative People, Singapore (wellness)

We love what we do! We are a transformational coaching company with an integrated approach in addressing the human spirit. We utilise a complete range of validated tools and assessments for families and youths around the world to leverage on emotional intelligence, neuroscience and resiliency. We provide support as you rediscover yourselves and strategically achieve your breakthroughs in 4 focus areas of health and well-being; affirmative relationships; effectiveness, high performance and leadership; happiness, life satisfaction and emotional mastery.
Founded and Led by Dean Ng and Julianan Johan
(Sister Community – youth, adults, children, seniors, families, organisations)

Modern Mind Labs, Singapore (wellness)

MODERN MIND LABS (aka M) exists to help you lead your best life. Through group workshops and personalized individual coaching, M provides mental strength x emotional resilience training to support Type A, high-performing, overachievers thrive #IRL (in real life). Co-founded by Psychological Capital Strategists Tay & Val, our mindfulness-based, EDI-informed, and trauma-sensitive training programs are backed by science, crafted with soul and secularized to be approachable, accessible, and applicable to work with your modern mind, in your modern work and life. Whether you’re a first-timer curious about self-mastery or a seasoned leader looking to level up your cultivation—no matter what your previous experience is—we’d love to practice with you. (And no, you don’t have to dress a certain way. You don’t have to sit up straight cross-legged. You don’t even have to close your eyes.) You’re officially invited to join us on an adventure with like-intended folks to explore and grow. Our brilliant community is waiting to welcome you. See you on the inside!
Founded and Led by Tay And Val
(Sister Community – youth, adults, organisations)

Xiu Nature Connection, Singapore (wellness)

‘Shinrin yoku’ or ‘forest bathing’ is at the heart of their nature connection programmes. It involves a sensory immersion of our senses in nature. They adopt the methods from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, which is the trailblazer and gold standard in this area of wellness practice.
Started and led by You Min.

(Sister Community – adults, elderly, organisations)

Bewilder, Singapore (farming)

Bewilder is a Singapore-based Mycological Design Studio that seeks to explore the potential applications of the Fungi Kingdom in our current world. It aims to raise awareness of the little-known diverse and crucial roles fungi and insects play in the ecosystem in order to enrich society, promoting sustainable solutions to modern problems. In addition to selling 100% Singapore-grown mushrooms and related products, Bewilder designs and runs workshops on mushroom growing and appreciation of fungi and insects.
Founded Ng Sze Kiat & Supported James Khoo.
(Sister Community – adults, children, families)

Edible Garden City, Singapore (farming)

Edible Garden City champions the grow-your-own-food movement in cities around the world, starting with Singapore.
Led by Bjorn Low
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, families, organisations)

Universal Landscape & Construction, Singapore (landscaping)

Universal Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd is a young company with the drive to provide quality service to our clients and to play our part in making singapore a green city. We emphasis on landscape being maintained in the most natural way without the use of chemicals where ever possible. We vision to bring back the ecosystem.
Founded and Led by Haleemah
(Sister Community – environment, adult)

Centre Spring, Singapore (consulting)

From organic food factory in Chicago, to farming in Argentina, to fueling the startup ecosystem in Australia and Seoul, I have diverse experience in Healthtech, Fintech, FCMG, Technology, Consumer product, and Manufacturing. In navigating changing environments and cultural expectations, I tap into the lessons I had learned to bridge leadership between cultures and generations. In cspring , We are building an impact launchpad for venture philanthropy providing support for liquidity and fundraising.
Founded and Led by Laurel Lau
(Sister Community – organisations)

Singapore Geographic, Singapore (blog-photography)

A ‘home’ dedicated to nature enthusiasts, anyone who wants to know about Singapore’s biodiversity, parks, forest and wild animals.
Founded and Led by David Wirawan
(Sister Community – environment, everyone)

The Glass Hut, Singapore (art-community-house)

The Glass Hut is a multidisciplinary home for a growing community of creatives. A creative greenhouse that fosters diverse art expression, and nurtures authentic relationships through an inclusive communal experience. Our mission is to manifest the potential of human creativity by giving homegrown creators the opportunity to live off their art, and harness a wider community movement of local arts appreciation and inspiration. We are Run by a passionate team from diverse backgrounds and unique skills, we welcome you to an equitable and inclusive communal experience! The Glass Hut is open for collaboration and private hire of workshops, events and all things creative.
Co-Founded and Led by Dione Keh Ning
(Sister Community – adults, children, youths, organisations)

Spice Zi Kitchen, Singapore (home-cooking-experience)

Spice Zi Kitchen was started simply because foods we eat at home, cooked by our mothers, cannot be found anywhere else. Spice Zi Kitchen is an experience to learn heirloom recipes of Indian Muslim food homemade by grandmothers and mothers. We want you to taste, learn and share the joy of our food. Through these cooking classes, you become a part of our culture, and you become part of our family when you eat with us.
Co-Founded and Led by Zaithoon Ibrahim & Taahira AYoob
(Sister Community – adults, children, youths, organisations)


Tak Takut Kids Club, Singapore (community)

Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) started in 2019 with a vision of co-creating a happy and safe living environment with children and youth who lack adequate socio-emotional support. It is the result of a 3-year social practice project ‘Let’s Go Play OutSide’ which brought much insights to the realities of children living under challenging circumstances. Embedded in the neighbourhood of Boon Lay Drive, TTKC evolved over time to become a community youth centre that serves over 100 regular members and their wider communities: families, friends, teachers, counsellors and social workers. Our work ranges from conducting daily outreach activities, designing person-centric developmental programmes, facilitating case work and group work, to building capacity of practitioners who are interested in community development work.
TTKC is a partner of Comlink@Jurong West and SG Together, and is supported by Quantedge Foundation.
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, families)

Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), Singapore (community)

It is a non-profit organisation that is building a community-driven Kampung in Yishun that involves and connects people with nature. Founded by the late Lai Hock.
Led by the Kampung Council & core team.

(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, organisations)

Stridy, Singapore (sustainability)

The Stridy App is an application that allows us to track our unlittering journeys and be a part of the larger global conversation on trash management. We believe that quantifying impact, and seeing how one’s contribution adds to the global Striding effort is important to understand the difference one individual can make. Unlittering takes accountability and community — Stridy allows you to track your own impact and the collective impact of Striders across the world, so our community can make a difference together through purposeful individual contribution.
Founded by Marcel Smitts
Led by Sam Thian (Chief Stridy Officer)
(Sister Community – families, youth, adults, organisations)

Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity (SYVB), Singapore (conservation)

The SYVB Team, previously known as the Singapore Youth Convention on Biological Diversity 2020 Consultation Team, was formed in August 2019 with the support and mentorship of The Biodiversity Roundtable (Singapore) and its members. We have conducted youth consultations and forums and represented youths at local and international groups. Through our events, we compiled the “Aspirations of the Singapore Youth on Biodiversity” document to develop the relevant positions and reflect the hopes and dreams of the youth for biodiversity.
Led by Karl Png
(Sister Community – youth, adults, organisations)

The Re-Purpose Collective (TRPC), Singapore (sustainability)

TRPC’s mission is to make sustainability more accessible to everyone and contribute towards building an equitable community. We aim to build maker spaces that can be utilised by the community to hold workshops, programs, and talks starting with a focused them on repurposing plastics.
Co-Founded and Led by Yasser Amin & Ken Ong
(Sister Community – families, youth, adults, organisations)


Hampton Pre-School, Singapore

Forest School Singapore worked together with Hampton Pre-School in an Innovation Project, Embedding Forest School Approach in Singapore Context, which has grants awarded from Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). 12 children, their parents and selected educators are actively involved in various learning experiences organized in collaboration between Hampton Preschool (Tanjong Pagar) and Forest School Singapore.
Led by Veron Law
(Sister Community – children)

Blue Lion Preschool, Singapore

They are a contemplative preschool in Singapore, established under the vision of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. They provide a bilingual, immersive learning environment, with an emphasis on Asian wisdom and values, and on embracing multi-cultural diversity. They aim to bring up little urban warriors of art, poetry and music, who know that possibilities are endless and that it is their responsibility to love the Earth and the community.
Visioned by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche & Led by a Local Team
(Sister Community – children)

Wondorous Light Children’s House, Singapore,

Wondrous Light Children’s House. A children’s center inspired by Waldorf Education. They aim to inspire and cultivate emotional well-being and creativity in children through self-directed play, bread making, painting, story telling, craft making, music etc
Founded and Led by Doreen Eng & Yong Ter
(Sister Community – children)

Eager Kids Montessori, Singapore

As an enterprising, compassionate and resourceful set up, reflective of the founder’s own principles. They would like to inculcate values such as honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness in their pupils along with their academic development. This will make them considerate and conscientious citizens in this dynamic world.
Led by Anjum
(Sister Community – children)

Lodestar Montessori School, Singapore

This is the first ever Montessori Elementary School in Singapore! We are a group of passionate Montessori educators who would like to bring Montessori education to the next level. Here in Singapore, most people are aware of Montessori at the 3-6 years’ level. But there is more to Montessori than just early childhood education. The Montessori Elementary Program is also called Cosmic Education. Cosmic Education for the elementary-age child helps the child to be aware that everything in the universe is connected and interdependent.
Founded and Led by Anjum and Sheila Ong
(Sister Community – children)

P&J Montessori Kindergarten, Singapore

P&J Montessori Kindergarten is a preschool for children between the ages of 3 and 6. The belief is that children of this age are “sensorial learners” who perceive the world through their senses. Also, during the first six years of life, we understand that children can obtain limitless amounts of knowledge just by experiencing the world. Hence, by complementing the Montessori programme with the forest school sessions, the child’s senses are broadened and refined. This builds their intelligence by enhancing their logic, perception and awareness of the elements in the environment.
Led by Grace Ong
(Sister Community – children)

Waldorf Steiner Education Assocation (Singapore) / WSEA(S), Singapore

The Waldorf Steiner Early Years Programmes are structured around a balanced approach that engages the intellectual, emotional and physical needs of each child in a developmentally appropriate way. The young children’s imagination and initiative are engaged through play, creative arts, singing, and movement.
*Lovingly nurturing the child’s head, heart, & hands.
*Natural toys, toxic & chemical-free spaces.
*Pro-organic & animal cruelty-free.
*18mos – 6yrs
Led by Maureen
(Sister Community – children)

Most importantly, the family on earth that gave us so much, only for us to forget sometimes where our most crucial element of life, oxygen, came from. They will always be the portal to our dimensions.

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