Social Pricing


Social Pricing Mechanism, is a system set in place to adjust the price of all Forest School Singapore and Coach Darren LLP programs so that learners from different socio-economic background can enjoy the program. We believe in the quality, passion and energy of our programs, but we also believe that the world will be a better place, if we all share. Children should be given the opportunity to experience and enjoy the world we live in, not lose that opportunity because we can’t bridge the economical gap.

“May I be a protector for those without protection
A leader for those who journey
A boat, a bridge, a passage
For those desiring the further shore”


Social pricing mechanism was actually an idea inspired by a Philippines Forest School in Davao, Mindanao during my trip to visit a friend there in Dec 2015. I saw how they could bring together expats (Income:USD$5000) and trishaw riders (Income:Link) children together in the same compound for forest school classes. It was thought-provoking. I was inspired to do the same for the kids in Singapore. And so when I came back, I researched and did up a system that hopefully works for everyone here.


Process & Background

Applicant will have to be interviewed by our forest school admin team members, led by Mr Darren Quek, after submitting application to enter the social pricing mechanism. Mr.Quek background in various field over the past 10 years have gave him an insight into the many faculty of our society. In social volunteerism, he volunteered with elderly, children, youth-at-risk, arts-cultural-heritage movements and medical area in both the plans and groundwork. In overseas humanitarian he was part of initiative in adopting schools in India. He also led community involvement project for schools as a local guide. His experience as an operator and initiator in these projects gave him the insight into corruptions, and the deep-rooted issue behind the lack of financial ability. Mr.Quek experience in providing career and life consultancy, also comes in good use for understanding the full picture.



The algorithm use in social pricing mechanism consist of a basic sets of details that our consultant/interviewer will help you project. They will include;
1.) Total Household Income Level
2.) Household Population Size
3.) Allocation of Expenses
4.) Reason and Motivation for joining Program
5.) Commitment & Availability


Once Interview is completed, applicant will be informed about the amount that he/she will be paying for the program after adjustment. It will fit in adequately, with the family financial situation. And that will be it. *Adjustment range from 95% to 5% of the full value. We believe through listening and understanding face to face, we can achieve what tons of forms submission couldn’t.