Terms & Conditions (Weekly)

Updated as of 1 Dec 2023


(A1) CHANGES IN SESSIONS: COACH DARREN LLP reserves the right to vary, amend or cancel any of the programs or its contents or alter the composition of the relevant conducting team and venue for the program at any time at its discretion. COACH DARREN LLP reserves the right to cancel or postpone the program where enrolment is insufficient.

(A2) MEDIA RELEASE: In the course of providing the programmes to your child by our schools, our operational and teaching activities may be recorded to be used for media and academic purposes. By signing these Terms & Conditions, we assume that parents, or guardians (where applicable), grant permission for COACH DARREN LLP to use their child’s photograph(s), written work, art work and voice in any academic portfolio, video, printed collateral, online platform or any other promotional material or testimonials. 

(A3) TESTIMONIALS: In the event that we receive any testimonial from you, during your child’s attendance of a program or following their withdrawal, we may use this, or part thereof, in various online and printed platforms for promotional purposes.

(A4) CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE: COACH DARREN LLP is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the client personal information and undertakes not to divulge any of the client’s personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the client SUBJECT TO the obligation of COACH DARREN LLP to disclose to any Singapore government authority any information relating to the client in compliance with the law.

(A5) INDEMNITY: Saved for proven gross negligence, COACH DARREN LLP which includes but is not limited to instructors, teachers, employees, agents and consultants shall not be held liable nor responsible for any injuries, accidents, loss of property, damage, claims, liabilities suffered or sustained by any child, parents, carer and individuals in connection with or howsoever arising in the course of the provision of services.

(A6) MODIFICATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: COACH DARREN LLP reserves the right to amend any of the above Terms & Conditions from time to time as deemed appropriate.


(B1) CONDUCT: We endeavour to create and maintain a positive experience and environment. We do not condone any form of physical or verbal abuse or harmful action from any person towards any other person within the premises, including parents towards their own child. We reserve the right to step in and separate the respective parties in any incident where we feel our values were not adhered to by either party.

(B2) PUNCTUALITY: Forest School starts at 9.00am or 3.00pm for morning and afternoon sessions respectively. The time between 9.00am/3.00pm to 9.10am/3.10pm is meant for participants to interact and catch-up.  We will start the briefing at 9.10am sharp. Participants who are late will affect the group dynamics and miss out on the opportunity to participate in important safety briefings and group discussions. The time available for play, learning and development would also be reduced due to lateness.

(B3) DROP OFF ONLY: Forest School Session will be conducted as a drop-off only session. Parents will drop off their child with the session Coaches at the stipulated Meeting Point.

(B4) PICK UP: All pick-ups will happen at the Meeting Point unless stipulated otherwise (refer to Operational Info: Location of our campus houses). The pick-up time will be communicated by the session Coaches via the respective WhatsApp groups. The latest time for pick up will be 30 minutes from the estimated time of arrival.


(C1) CONFIRMATION: Your slot is allocated once you complete the payment for the registration form. Please note that your child’s place in any WEEKLY program for which they have been enrolled will be continuous until graduation is applied.

(C2) HOLIDAYS: There will be no classes during public holidays. There will be a scheduled break every year for the program, we will present the scheduled break every year.

(C3)  MAKEUP: There will be no make up sessions provided if one is absent for any session. However, for prolonged medical absence (E.g. Chicken Pox), special arrangements will be made for the child. 

(C4) FIXED MONTHLY PAYMENT: Monthly payments would be fixed regardless of the child’s attendance for the month. We do not provide refunds for missed sessions unless it is due to a long-term health condition supported with a medical report. The fixed monthly fees are a commitment to the community beyond the classroom and will also allow our programs to flourish.   

(C5) NO PAUSING OF PROGRAM: There will strictly be no pausing of sessions, unless it is a long-term health condition supported with a medical report. If you wish to hold the slots during your time of travel, monthly fees have to be paid as we are reserving these limited slots for your child. Otherwise, you may explore the option of withdrawing and joining us back when the next enrolment opens.

(C6) PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: We do not have sessions on Public Holidays and when a session falls on a public holiday, it will be pro-rated accordingly.


(D1) REGISTRATION FEE AND DEPOSIT: COACH DARREN LLP will collect a Non-refundable registration fee of $100 per child. COACH DARREN LLP will also collect a Refundable $200 as a DEPOSIT which will be refunded when Graduation process comply with Clause “(E4) DEPOSIT REFUND”

(D2) PAYMENT OF FEES: For subsequent payment of fees or any balance thereof, is required to be paid within 7 days upon receiving the invoice. All fees paid are strictly non-transferable. We accept internet bank transfer only. Internet bank transfer can be sent to OCBC 522-146-141-001 (COACH DARREN LLP). If we do not receive payment for the invoice before the session, we will not be able to include your child’s participation into the attendance, as the uncertainty may cause safety issues in our operations. We would not compromise on that aspect. 

(D3) FIRST PAYMENT: For new registrations, you will be required to pay upfront for the first two-months of the program together with registration fee and deposit, in order to ensure the attendance and commitment of our participants towards the development of all our children.

(D4) MONTHLY PAYMENT: After the FIRST PAYMENT (ie. clause (D3)), subsequent sessions would be invoiced at the before the START of the month. There would be no makeup sessions or refunds for any missed sessions.


(E1) GRADUATION: Graduation is the exit function for all Forest School children and families, when they feel that the child is ready to move on from Forest School and endeavour into other faculty. It also serves as the channel for proper transitional withdrawal, that will provide a healthier channel that takes into consideration children, families and coaches mental well-being.

(E2) GRADUATION APPLICATION: Graduation must be applied via the Graduation Form, 30 days before the last day of the child session. This will help our graduates transition smoothly in their exit.

Kindly email us at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com if you would like to apply for graduation for your child from Forest School Singapore Weekly sessions. 

(E3) GRADUATION DAY: This is the Last session of the child in his/her forest school session. This day will be selected in the Graduation Form application. All graduation days are encouraged to be placed in the last session of any months. This will help give the child time to say farewell. This will also help Forest School to prepare for the transition administratively and operationally.

(E4) DEPOSIT REFUND: The deposit for each child will be refunded between 7-14 days after the child’s graduation day. Do note that deposit will be only refunded when the withdrawal process complies with the following clauses: 

  • A minimum commitment of one semester (approx. 6 months) is required and any withdrawal before that would result in the forfeiting of the deposit.
  • Withdrawal notice needs to be applied 30 days before the last day of the child’s session. This will help our children transition smoothly in their exit. However, if a withdrawal request is made before the minimum commitment of one semester as stated above, the deposit will still be forfeited.