Testimonial from 2015-2016

“We did an easy trek along the Green Corridor with Coach Darren and throughly enjoyed it! He clearly applied principles of child-led play and learning in the great outdoors and allowed the children plenty of time and space to explore to their heart’s content. R caught tadpoles and grasshoppers for the first time in her young life! These are things which my husband and I took for granted when we were children. We highly recommend Coach Darren”

-Shari Tan
(Mother of 2, who attended Forest Trek)

“2 aspects that I really like alot. The exploration into the unbeaten trail. It gave the boys n myself an experience that is hard to get unless one been thru the ns. I also like that u gave the kids paper bags n required their personal responsibility over their own bag.”

-Lynette Tang
(Mother of 2, who attended Forest Trek)

“We love that it wasn’t just a walk in the park, that there was a sense of adventure, where the kids experienced some levels of difficulty and overcame it. We also appreciate that there was plenty of room for exploration instead of being rushed into completing the trail. And that you spoke to them about respecting the environment and tools and taught them how to keep safe.”

-Evelyn Lau
(Mother of 2, who attended Forest Trek)

“Did a moderate level trek with Coach Darren yesterday. Again, his level of knowledge about mother nature puts you at ease, knowing that you’re in good hands of an experienced and knowledgeable trekker. We have also discovered new places that I have never seen before. It was a perfect start for our Sunday morning!”

-Sebrina Kwa
(SMU Student, who attended Forest Trek)

“It was truly an amazing hiking experience as a family with Coach Darren. I have seen him working with my 3 year old daughter and I applaud him for the fact that he allowed space and time for her to figure her way around in the woods such as climbing over and crawling under the logs. He never give her any solutions, but probe her with questions that enhances her critical thinking skills. Even till today, my daughter remembers her mini forest learning experience and has fond memories of it. We certainly need more educators like Darren who helps young children to connect with the wonders of Nature in the midst of this fast paced digital world.”

-Veron Law
(Pre-School Prinicpal, Mother of 1, who attended Community Trek)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit at the Forest School. It was a delight watching the children engaged and enthusiastic exploring the woodland. Darren allowed himself to be led by the children throughout the experience and they had so much fun observing, exploring, discovering and being in nature. It was a great learning experience that can never be replicated in a classroom. I had a wonderful experience myself, love the calm and natural environment!”

(Teacher @ Hampton Preschool, who attended a Saturday Special FSW)

“Thanks for Darren sharing his experiences of forest school program. When I visited Sweden’s forest schools last year, I observed how children creatively used wooden sticks to build a small tent without adult’s interruption, how they happily explored the nature and learn by themselves, so on and so forth. From then, I hoped that forest schools can be established in Asia too. Currently, Darren is doing it in Singapore! Hooray! I believed that forest school program is valuable for children and adults as it enhances skills, health and development. So, don’t give up and make more the fantastic forest experiences with children!!!”

(Teacher @ Hampton Preschool, who attended Saturday Special FSW)

“It was an adventurous trek that we did with Darren on 16Oct morning. The community trek was an advanced level as we explored a pristine area full of vegetation growth unspoilt by human, including a quarry. I truly enjoyed myself as the air there was fresh and pure and we spotted so many pitcher plants of various sizes, wild orchids, many kinds of trees and plant growth kept in its natural state, which create picturesque fairies’ and gnomes’ grooves and homes. We also spied a group of exuberant squirrels scurrying on a tree! Thank you Darren! Darren is knowledgeable about nature and experienced as a trekker. I highly recommend Darren!”

-Ouriana Poon
(Waldorf Educator, who attended Community Trek)

Went on an amazing trek with Darren off the beaten path. His ease in nature makes him a great forest school leader for adults and children alike and he is able to inspire confidence in others to explore. He not only has great outdoor skills but a respect and reverence for nature. Thanks Darren!

-Karen Quek
(Waldorf Educator, who attended Community Trek)

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