For Team: Training Continuity

With the evolution of Forest School in Singapore, one of our most crucial programs, the “Forest School Singapore Training” series will be evolving as well. From this year April 2020 onward, we will start the “CONTINUITY OF FSST” initiative. 

The initiative was designed to enable past trainees of the FSST programs to be able to continue their Forest School learning journey, in almost the same fashion as our Forest School children. Through repetitive experience in the woods with the program. As Nature is our main instructor, the learning journey of all our trainees in every program will always be different and customized to their state of mind, emotion and spirituality. 

In order to QUALIFY for the initiative,
– One have to be included minimally in the Forest School Team as a Volunteer COACH, after your first training. (Adhering to the responsibility as a volunteer) 
– Volunteer or Lead for more than 5 Forest School Singapore program sessions. 

Condition to DISQUALIFY for the initiative,
– If Coaches failed to keep to their promise of attendance for more than 2 FSST programs, that which they promise beforehand, he or she will not be able to continue in the initiative. 

How it Works:

1. After your first FSST with Forest School Singapore, you will be asked if you wish to embark on the “Journey of FSS Coach”, and join the Volunteer Coach Team.

2. Upon agreeing to join, you will be processed to be a Volunteer Coach with access to our online information for Coaches and our Volunteer Coach WhatsApp group. 

3. 14 days before the next FSST program every month, we will announce the opening of the available “Continuity of FSST” slots. You are welcome to commit your name to the program. Accountability is very important, please turn up or inform the Lead Trainer of your absence early, if you promised to be there beforehand.