It takes a village to raise a child” – These are our villagers


Coaches, Managers, Trainees of Forest School Singapore
The main salaried team running the show at Forest School Singapore, consist of coaches managers and trainees. 
(FSS Team, staff)

Families and Associates, Forest School Singapore
The stakeholders for Forest School Singapore, and the whole village, are our parents, volunteers and associates, their believe and support is what defines the personality of the village.
(FSS Family)

Little Wildflowers, Singapore
They are a nature schooling initiative based on the Steiner-Waldorf approach. They explore and play in the parklands and rainforests of Singapore. They are co-lead by Karen & Ourania. Teachers who are in a good space. They are supported by a community of family who back the Waldorf way
(Sister Community – children)

Centre for Nature Literacy & Enterprise (CNLE), Singapore
A centre of creativity at the forefront of nature education and nature-based entrepreneurship. With a mission to empower individuals by establishing connection and sensitivity to Nature and Community. Started and led by Alexius Yeo.
(Sister Community – youth, adults, children, families, organisations)

Sprouting Seeds, Singapore
It is an Outreach Initiative promoting simple nature play, hand making toys & connecting through stories, songs and rhymes. They are led by Annabelle & Mong Teng
(Sister Community – children)

Forest School at Lower Pierce, Singapore
We are a child led and experiential school. A space where children are free to be. Where children take charge of their own learning and come up with their own thoughts. Where they discover who they are, what they like and what they want. Started and led by Mindy Tan.
(Sister Community – children)

KL Forest Tribe Junior, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
The forest school of KL, situated at Janda Baik, in Radiant Resort. This is where kids transform their worlds by just being the best version of themselves. Started and led by Sharifah Nurzura Albaiti
(Sister Community – children, families)

International Association of Nature Pedagogy , International
 are a professional organisation designed to promote and support all forms of nature-based education and associated activity and research around the world. The IANP was founded by Claire Warden in Scotland, U.K – the board is made up of innovative leaders and academics in the field of nature based education.
Richard Louv – Children in Nature Network USA | David Sobel – Antioch University, USA | Sara Knight – UK | Anders Farstad – Hvalgard NaturBarnehage Norway | Zazie Mackintosh – Auchlone Nature Kindergarten, Scotland | Doug Fargher– Australia | Wendy Lee – New Zealand
(Sister Community, FSS is a Member of the Association)

Forest School Education, United Kingdom
Running over 60 training courses per year, FSE are the world’s most experienced Forest School training provider with over 15 years of helping educators to change the lives of those around them.
(The Training School and UK Family for Forest School Singapore)

Xiu Nature Connection, Singapore
‘Shinrin yoku’ or ‘forest bathing’ is at the heart of their nature connection programmes. It involves a sensory immersion of our senses in nature. They adopt the methods from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, which is the trailblazer and gold standard in this area of wellness practice. Started and led by You Min.
(Sister Community – adults, elderly, organisations)

Cher V, Singapore
It is Home based Education group focus on developing academics through the character building, and understanding of family dynamic
(Sister Community – youth)

The Dimple Loft, Singapore
They combine the filmic arts with the Reggio pedagogy, that is child-centered and wconstructivist. They believe in self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments, which is why we work with partners and the community to deliver a rich and diverse learning experience. At The Dimple Loft, children get to design, style, play, mould, paint, act, write, sing, dance — and watch how their imaginative efforts come to life! Started and led by Joanne Peh
(Sister Community – children)

Ground Up Innovation, Singapore
Growing Grounded Innovators through Nature, Technology & Community. To unlock the world’s creativity, rich heritage & collective wisdom from the ground up towards a more resilient, healthier yet co-creative future
Started and led by Ibnur Rashad
(Sister Community – children, adults, youth, organisations)

Training by Glen, Singapore
Training by Glen (TbG) is a full time established provider of self development private/personalized training for any individuals seeking self improvement, at their preferred location & schedule via their outcall coaching services (within Singapore), and online coaching for people globally. They train people to move better, get fitter, stronger, more athletic, and capable through important / practical skills, etc. The types of training include: Parkour (all levels), swimming (basic and survival), fitness training / strength & conditioning, wilderness survival skills and bushcraft (Basics).
Started and led by Glen
(Sister Community – adults)

Ashton Movements, Singapore
Ashton Movement is a leading performance agency in Singapore specializing in a wide range of body movement disciplines such as free running and parkour. Their services include performances, stunt works, choreography, photo shoots and many others, provided by more than ten skilled self-taught performers who are seniors in the local parkour and free running community. Their agency was founded by a few local young men, with the aim of providing a brighter future for traceurs (parkour participants) and free runners in our local community. The main founder of A.M.A, Ashton Law, was one of the pioneers of Parkour in Singapore along with several other senior traceurs. He is the ambassador of Parkour in Singapore.
Started and led by Ashton Law
(Sister Community – children, adults, youth, organisations)

Survivor School, Singapore
A child-led outdoor learning environment with Forest School pedagogy, focusing on outdoor survival skills. How often do children get the opportunity to make their own decisions and experience the consequences, be it good or bad, in a free yet safe space?
Started and led by Aaron Tan
(Sister Community – children, families)

ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Forest School, Hong Kong
Forest School at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen aims to give students frequent and regular access to the outdoors. The programme’s ethos is based on the principles of self-initiated, inquiry based learning using the natural world. It is designed to give students a deep, rich and meaningful learning experience that cannot be done inside a classroom. Led by Ho Mei
(Sister Community – children, youth)

Equal-Ark Singapore Limited, Singapore
They are a non-profit organisation that aims to help vulnerable youth remain engaged in the community through education and employment, through a philosophy of equine-assisted learning. They are led by a team of people with huge heart. Forest School Singapore is in partnership with Equal-Ark for cross-training of staff, including work in Scholar-Lite and training session done for staff. Led by Tze Yong
(Sister Community – organisations)

Hampton Pre-School, Singapore
Forest School Singapore is working together with Hampton Pre-School in an Innovation Project, Embedding Forest School Approach in Singapore Context, which has grants awarded from Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). 12 children, their parents and selected educators are actively involved in various learning experiences organized in collaboration between Hampton Preschool (Tanjong Pagar) and Forest School Singapore.
(Sister Community – children)

Kindizoo Nature Play, Johor Malaysia
They are a Forest School in Johor, Malaysia that shares the same passion as us. Their ethos is to support our charges to grow and flourish in the natural world. Away from the modern day distraction of the iPad “Nanny”, they become self-assured, resourceful and resilient young people, learning to take risk in a safe way, through uninterrupted self-initiated play and exploration. Their founder and director, Alison McGilligan, is a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner as well. They are led by Alison McGilligan.
(Sister Community – children)

Ground-Up Initiatives, Kampong Kampus, Singapore
It is founded to nurture resilient, grounded stewards of our society by empowering them to discover their sense of purpose. Founded by the late Lai Hock. Led by GUI Commitee Team
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, organisations)

Eager Kids Montessori, Singapore
As an enterprising, compassionate and resourceful set up, reflective of the founder’s own principles. They would like to inculcate values such as honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness in their pupils along with their academic development. This will make them considerate and conscientious citizens in this dynamic world. Led by Arjun
(Sister Community – children)

MOVE Academy Singapore, Singapore
Previously known as ADD Academy Singapore, MOVE Academy Singapore aims to make the Yamakasi founders’ experience accessible to everyone. The academy’s curriculum is based on an innovative training programme that uses body weight training for applications in movement — running, climbing, jumping and vaulting, among many other techniques adapted to all levels of fitness, regardless of background, age and gender. Directly inspired by the Yamakasi training methods, the coaches are trained by and maintain close connections with the founders of the discipline. Art du Déplacement and Parkour aids practitioners in both body and mind mastery, and ultimately redefine their perspective towards their daily environment. Led by Shie Boon
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, elderly)

Edible Garden City, Singapore
Edible Garden City champions the grow-your-own-food movement in cities around the world, starting with Singapore. Led by Bjorn Low
(Sister Community – children, youth, adults, children, families, organisations)

Dreamkids Kindergarten, Singapore
Dreamkids is a unconventional, happy bilingual (English & Chinese) preschool with a strong emphasis on building the human spirit and values, as well as equipping the essential future skills in our children.
(Sister Community – children)

MAKE, Integrated Math & Science, Singapore
MAKE understand the limitations of formal school, and want more for our kids aged 7 to 12. We know their future will demand beyond academic excellence, a deep sense of creativity and problem-solving competencies.  We want our kids to not only achieve in grades, but equally in character and life skills.  Yet at the same time, we also hope to see them do well in school.
(Sister Community – children)


Most importantly, the family on earth that gave us so much, only for us to forget sometimes where our most crucial element of life, oxygen, came from. They will always be the portal to our dimensions.