Contingency (Haze)

  • In the case of haze, we will engage in the haze contingency according to this protocol, for safety, resilience and environmental reason.
  • Protocol is updated as of 7 JUNE 2023.

In the event of haze, protocols should be as such:

AQICN Reading: 150-200AQICN Reading: >200
– Minimise open area FS Session

– Minimise strenuous outdoor activity

– Session times reduce to 2 hours

– Stick to Forest (tree cover) Area – greens/forest filters can act like indoor purifier

– Lessons are cancelled and parents would be notified at least one hour before the session.

– Lessons that have commenced will be advised to seek shelter in forest until pick-up time.

– Make-up would be coordinated for cancellation in the Haze Emergency Group Make-Up Session.

With reference from this website:
The information from this website are more accurate due to the amount of elements that they consider in coming up with the data.

Coaches Prerogative

  • Coaches on the ground for the particular session has the rights to overwrite the protocol based on their observation and senses from the ground. We trust our coaches and their instinct through their multiple experience with the forest, to understand the situation.


  • In the case of cancellation by FSS, all families will be given a make-up session (a.k.a. Haze Emergency Group Make-Up Session) in the designated period.
    • For Weekly Lessons in 2023: Sep, Dec School Holiday (6 weeks)
  • If families are unable to attend during the make-up period, no refund will be given.

Refund Process

  • Refund will only happen when there are no more Haze-Emergency Make-Up Session Slot in “Schedule”.
  • Refund will be done 1 month after the haze stops
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