Contingency (Infectious Disease Spread)

  • In the case of an infectious disease spread season, we will engage in the Disease Spread contingency according to this protocol, for health, resilience and environmental reasons.
  • The protocol is updated as of 16 JUNE 2020.

The Contingency will activate in two phases.
1. Precautionary Personal Accountability Measures
2. Program-Community Based Impact Measures

1) Precautionary Personal Accountability Measures

  • If any of your children have a family member living with you and has been issued with Leave of Absence, we encourage them to provide us with more information (Start Date of the LOA & Duration of LOA). Parent/Participants are advised to approach any of our coaches or managers who are equipped with the knowledge to assist you. 
  • To further safeguard the health of all members of our community, we will implement a mandatory Leave of Absence for all children/participants with any household member issued with a Home Quarantine Order (HQO). Any affected children/participant must not be allowed to attend the program for 14 days from the date of the HQO of the household member.
    (A Quarantine Order is served to healthy individuals who have a higher risk of exposure to the disease, such as someone who has close contact with an infected person. Quarantine Orders have legal force, with severe penalties for non-compliance. Quarantine usually occurs in the home but also be served in dedicated Government Quarantine Facilities (GQFs) or hospitals, should the individual not have suitable accommodation in Singapore)
  • Children who develop fever, cough, sore throat and/or runny nose will be asked to be sent home. We encourage parents to seek medical treatment and please make arrangements for your child to stay home to rest and return to the program only when they have fully recovered. Do not send the child to school if s/he is sick, as infectious diseases can be spread from person to person. 

2) Program-Community Based Impact Measures

Our programs will be affected in the following manner:

Lesson/Program will be Adjusted. Lesson/Program will be Cancelled with Make-Up
  • If the local situation has escalated to a moderate spread level, we will engage in the following plans.
  • 1. Avoid crowded indoor areas during sessions
  • 2. Try to stay in the open amongst the greens, sun and wind
  • 3. Group Size will be managed at a safe level, consistent with the measures by the authorities.
  • Community Transportation Assistance can be activated to assist families who have to travel via potentially hazardous public transport.
  • Forest School Support Task Force (FSSTF) will be form to help in the form of psychological and emotional support through necessary methods to help reassure everyone.
  • If a child in our class is infected with the disease or if a child’s relative who he or she has close contact with is infected with the disease  (Close contact is defined as 30minute or less than 2 metres physical contact)
    If the country experiences a full lockdown, where all schools and workplace is closed, and everyone is ordered to stay at home.
    If we were informed by the authorities to cease operation based on the measures implemented due to the evolving situation.
  • The FSSTF will also serve as a decision making committee with regards to cancellation of the programs during this time.


  • In the case of cancellation by FSS, all families will be given a make-up session (a.k.a. Emergency Group Make-Up Session) in the designated period.
    • For Lessons in 2020: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec School Holiday (11 weeks)
  • If families are unable to attend during the make-up period, no refund will be given.

Refund Process

  • Refund will only happen when there are no more Emergency Make-Up Session Slot in “Schedule”.
  • Refund will be done 1 month after the disease spread has ceased.

Community Transportation Assistance (Voluntary)

  • An organic arrangement will be made amongst each regular class, their coaches and parents will coordinate to help individuals who need to travel to the location of the program via public transport with a huge amount of crowds (i.e. Peak hour crowd)
  • We will seek the assistance of those with their own private transport to assist the individuals above to ferry them in the distances which they take that has a huge amount of crowds on their travel. This will be done out of suggestion as well as voluntarily.

FSS Support Task Force (Voluntary)

  • An emergency committee by Coaches, Parents and Volunteers will be formed to represent the Support Task Force. They will help to contact and communicate with affected individuals of the situation, to keep their morale and mental wellness up. If required, we will extend the support to other areas to help our community at large safety.