Gear & Attire to prepare for a day in Forest School

(For overnight program, please click here)

Weather: Tropical
(Objective: Prevent catching cold from being drenched, Prevent excessive slips, Prevent Mozzie Bite, Prevent Insect Bites, Prevent heat exhaustion)


Top – 
Airy T-shirt/Sports Jersey, Tights (Provide cover for heat and insects)

Tights and Long Sleeve Bottom –
Track Pants, Shorts with Inner Tights (Allow mobility and protection)

Footwear –
Trekking Shoes/Boots, Wet Shoe/Booties, Barefoot (for mud and sand)

In both conditions,

1. Small backpack (No wet wipes*)
2. Water Bottle
3. Insect Repellent & Medication (No Patch*)
4. Snack (Lunch Box Preferably*)
5. Cap or Hat
6. Poncho
7. 1 set of change of clothes and
8. Two Ziplock Bags 

should be carried at all times.

It is advisable to put on dark coloured clothing to allow for easier washing time and effort at home (We understand the pain of muddy laundry for the mommies and daddies who have to do the laundry)

*We are introducing a new initiative to run our forest school with an eco-friendly approach. Wet wipes is not advised as it will drop out of their bag or hands in the midst of the session by some of our kids (Alternatively we suggest using water to wash instead). Mozzie Patches is not advised because it tend to drop into the forest space, after our children bundle around in the woods. (Alternatively, we suggest using mosquito repellent spray outside the park before entering)


IMPORTANT Contingency Updates on “Health and Safety”

27 February 2019 – Presence of Ticks in the Dairy Farm Forest

21 September 2019 – Haze Protocols and Details

25 March 2020 – Infectious Disease Protocols and Details

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