This webpage provides some insights into the compulsory gears and recommended attire to prepare for a day in Forest School.

(For Overnight Programs, we have a separate set of recommended gears)

Before moving on to what to wear, here are some important items that all parents are strongly encourages to pack for their child:

  1. Small backpack
    (No wet wipes*)
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Insect Repellent & Medication
    (No Patch*)
  4. Snack
    (Lunch Box Preferably*)
  5. Cap or Hat
  6. Poncho or Raincoat
  7. 1 set of change of clothes (In Ziplock)

*We are introducing an initiative to promote eco-friendliness. To support this initiative, we do not encourage parents to pack wet wipes for their child as it will drop out of their bag or hands after or during usage. We strongly suggest using water to wash themselves instead.
Mozzie Patches are also not encouraged because it tends to drop during the trail, falling into the natural environment and serving as a man-made pollutant. Alternatively, we suggest using mosquito repellent spray outside the park before entering.

Recommended Attire

As the weather in which we hold our Forest School Sessions are considered tropical, these suggested gears and attire would aim to:

  • Prevent our participants from catching a cold from being drenched
  • Prevent excessive slipping
  • Prevent mosquitoes/insect bites
  • Prevent heat exhaustion

For the top, we suggest that participants come in an airy T-shirt or sports jersey. Arm sleeves are optional but would help with insect protection.

For the bottom, it is recommended that participants come in track pants or shorts with inner tights, or anything that allows mobility and protection.

With regards to footwear, it is recommended that participants come in trekking shoes/boots, or wet shoes/booties. Easily removable shoes would be highly recommended as some children do prefer going barefoot especially when going on muddy or sandy terrains.

The completed recommended outfit could look something like the following picture. However, it is also highly recommended that parents discuss with the child and agree to wear something that is comfortable for both the child and allows sufficient protection.

It is advisable to put on dark coloured clothing to allow for easier washing time and effort at home (we understand the pain of muddy laundry for the mommies and daddies who have to do the laundry).

IMPORTANT Contingency Updates on ‘Health and Safety